wedding photographersWhen I started wedding photography in Melbourne I realised I love capturing the day from beginning to end. But I also realised as there are multiple things happening at the same time it wasn’t possible to capture everything I needed to on my own. To produce the best full story of your day without having to rush you or stage certain parts, we prefer to capture it as it is and let the day progress naturally.

I feel that having 2 wedding photographers on your wedding day is really important and that’s why all our packages include 2 professional wedding photographers. A wedding is often a long day and can be a lot of travel, having a second photographer allows both photographers to be  completely relaxed and focus on making beautiful artistique photography without stressing about rushing from location to location. I generally stay with the bride and bridesmaids to capture the girls morning preparation while Ebony my second photographer is at the groom’s location for the men’s preparation. Ebony then follows them and captures the guest arriving at the ceremony.  

After the ceremony we can both get some beautiful portrait photography of the couple and bridal party, when schedule is very tight Ebony is able to capture the bridal party while i am with the couple or vice versa. Often Ebony goes a little earlier to the venue to make sure we get all the details of the venue before the guests arrives. My second wedding photographer Ebony is a very talented art photographer, her style is the perfect compliment to mine and we love working together with wedding photography.

If you would like to catch up with Ebony and I and chat about your day feel free to give us a call. We look forward to chatting with you,

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