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Wedding Photography, What Questions To Ask…

questions to ask a wedding photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer to document your big day is really important. This is because; he/she is the person who is going to be around you during your entire wedding ceremony, from start to finish, shooting you and your guests from all angels, and you need to be at ease around him/her. Your wedding

Some Photography Ideas For Your Day

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Your wedding day is the biggest and the happiest day of your life and you do not want to miss any opportunity to preserve those precious moments in the form of a great wedding album. However, documenting your big day is not as easy as it sounds; it is subject to time, budget, movement, weather,

Catering For Weddings | PVH Production, Our Guide

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Your wedding guests will forget a lot of details about your wedding ceremony such as the colour of the flowers in your bouquet, the songs played in your wedding reception, or the theme of your wedding party, in the months and years to come. However, there is one thing in your wedding ceremony that will

Your Wedding Morning – The Best Activities to Do

Your Wedding Morning

You may have spent days, weeks, and months planning for your wedding but if you fail to handle the last minute preparations efficiently, all those planning efforts can easily fall apart. Your wedding morning is an important and memorable time of your life as it marks the starting point of a new life. There are

Coast Or Country Wedding? | What’s The Difference

Coast or country wedding

Selection of a wedding venue depends on a number of factors such as the season, the number of guests invited, the type of wedding, budget, and most importantly your personal preferences. The trend to celebrate weddings in an outdoor location has always fascinated couples, and over the years this trend has evolved. Today, weddings are

Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding? | Photographiez Votre Histoire

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When it comes to hosting your wedding, the choices are endless. You can celebrate your wedding ceremony in an indoor setting like a church, a function centre, a hotel, a historic home, or you can choose and outdoor setting like a beach or garden wedding. There is no wrong or right choice when it comes

A Few Tips For Your Wedding Photography

  Obviously everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, it’s easy to become obsessed with every detail of how the day will run! We find that the most enjoyable weddings are the ones that progress naturally and don’t have too many ideas packed into the day. We would like to share some of our wedding