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How to choose a wedding venue | Photographiez Votre Histoire

how to choose a wedding venue

We believe choosing the perfect wedding venue for your wedding is as important as selecting your wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding photographer, or your wedding ring, as it is one of the most noticeable and memorable parts of your special day. The look, feel, tone, and ambiance of your wedding day will ultimately depend on

Tips for Writing Wedding Vows | PVH Wedding Photography Melbourne

Writing Wedding Vows | Talk to your Officiant Whether a religious official will marry you or a celebrant, it is always a great place to start by reaching out to this person for advice on your wedding vows. Depending on your scenario there may also be obligatory things you must include in your speech to

Choosing Your A Team – Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

planning the ultimate wedding party

  Selecting those to stand beside you on the big day can be a daunting task…especially if you have a big family – or an even bigger circle of friends : / We have broken it down for you to make sure you don’t offend anyone – while ensuring you have the best supports possible.

THE PERFECT BOUQUET PHOTOS | Photographiez Votre Histoire

  Just like creating a garden full of gorgeous blooms, it’s important to consider some vital things when it comes to choosing your wedding bouquet. … First and foremost – Availability of Bloom! Bouquet Photos Always, always consider what types of flowers are available to your florist before getting your hearts set on something unachievable or

MAN’S BEST FRIEND | Wedding Photography Melbourne

wedding photography blog

We love photographing pets at weddings! It’s important when considering the guest list for your wedding not to forget you furry friend…. Let’s face it, your pet is probably your most loyal companion… after your fiancee of course ! Pets at weddings have major benefits but there are some important things to consider….  PERSONALITY OF

A Few Wedding Photography Ideas

We love coming up with new wedding photography ideas! I’m sure many of you are spending a lot of time and energy coming up with ideas for you wedding photography and many other aspects of your day. It feels overwhelming sometimes with all the choices of beautiful wedding photography locations in Melbourne, from beach locations

Our Tips For Your Family Photography In Melbourne

family photography melbourne

  Many couples that book us for their wedding photography end up contacting us in the following years for newborn and family photography. As our name suggests (Photographiez Votre Histoire – Photography Your Story) we love seeing and photographing a family along the years and being able to capture their family story. As with our

A Few Tips For Your Wedding Photography

  Obviously everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, it’s easy to become obsessed with every detail of how the day will run! We find that the most enjoyable weddings are the ones that progress naturally and don’t have too many ideas packed into the day. We would like to share some of our wedding

Wedding Photographers | The Benefits Of Having 2 At Your Wedding

  When I started wedding photography in Melbourne I realised I love capturing the day from beginning to end. But I also realised as there are multiple things happening at the same time it wasn’t possible to capture everything I needed to on my own. To produce the best full story of your day without