planning the ultimate wedding partySelecting those to stand beside you on the big day can be a daunting task…especially if you have a big family – or an even bigger circle of friends : /

We have broken it down for you to make sure you don’t offend anyone – while ensuring you have the best supports possible.

Above all: Do not Rush ! | Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

planning the ultimate wedding partyGive yourself time to consider the best people for the job ! There is nothing worse than getting excited and asking a friend who you later realise may not be the best candidate.

Be Realistic | Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

Lets face it, no one wants the naughty, party girl or boy to stand up at the wedding and give an planning the ultimate wedding partyinappropriate speech that will make your mother blush… or even worse try to outshine you on the day by stripping off on the d-floor.  So first of all consider who of your friends and family will understand the limits and support you by doing what you think is right on the day, rather than what is right for their ego.

Think about the big picture; how will your party gel? An awkward relationship may add strain to the flow of the day. You want people around you who will lower your stress levels and make you feel as though ‘you have got this’ !

Girls Vs Boys | Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

wedding photography melbourneWeddings are not the stiff traditions they used to be ! Nowadays anything goes. So if your best friend is a guy and you would like him to be in the bridal party then go for it ! Chose those who bring the best out of you– man or women !

Your Expectations | Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

wedding photography melbourneThe wedding party can be as involved as you want them to be. When asking them to take part, outline exactly where it is you would like them to participate… for example, organising the Hens/Bucks parties, helping with the guest list, shopping for your dress or suit for the day… Or maybe you just want them to rock up, accompany you down the isle and on the dance floor !?  Reach out to them in advance so they know their responsibilities ahead of the day.

Wedding Photographer | Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

planning the ultimate wedding partyThe wedding photographer is an integral part of any wedding. It’s a good idea to consult with them on the size of the wedding party you are considering. They may have some suggestions on how this will impact on the time you need to allocate for wedding photography.

Do Not Be A People Pleaser

The way we see it, you can not include everyone in your party, but your real friends will respect your choice and just enjoy watching you get married, so relax and go with your heart !

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