COUNTRY CHIC | A Beautiful Country Wedding

Mae & Tim

Gown – Georgia Young Couture

Groom – Topman

Bridemaids – Georgia Young Couture

Makeup – MeganHarrison

Cake – Hellas Cakes

Venue Flowers – Felicity Lea at Creating Beautiful

Bouquets – Pomp & Splendour

Food & Wine – Chef2u Gourmet Catering


There is something very unique and special about a wedding ceremony and reception in the backdrop of beautiful countryside.  This is the reason; a traditional country wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes for brides these days. However, planning a stylish country wedding is quite unique as it has its own ups and downs. It is both a very stressful as well as a time-consuming task, especially for those who have never endeavoured such a project in the past and who do not have the right support from friends and family members.

Here is what you can do to decrease those stressful moments and ensure that your stylish country wedding ceremony turns out to be a timeless and graceful event that you and your guests will remember for times to come.

Choose appropriate Wedding Attire

Traditional country weddings have a casual vibe, therefore you need to select wedding dresses that have a nice rustic feel and are comfortable at the same time. Brides can choose wedding gowns made of light linen fabrics, soft silk, or cotton. Eyelet laces are also perfect for the bride’s wedding dress. Grooms can wear khakis or even jeans with tweed vest and matching necktie to give that casual look. To give your dressing a more traditional country look, you can try wearing cowboy boots or hats.

Venue, Decor, and Food

The venue, decor, and food hold an important place while planning a stylish country wedding. For the perfect country wedding, you can either rent a farmhouse or a barn. Use picnic tables and checkered tablecloths to achieve that traditional countryside look. Add a touch of ambiance by using twinkly lights, lanterns, candles, and use antique and vintage decorative items wherever necessary.

Like any other wedding style or theme, the food offered during the reception is one of the major aspects of a stylish country wedding. You want to make sure that the food items you have selected for your wedding reception not only fit the wedding theme, they also please your guests. Therefore, while planning a stylish country wedding make sure to keep in mind the home-style hospitality of a country lifestyle.


Music is an important part of every country wedding. A traditional country wedding is incomplete without a little touch of country music. County music is famous for having rhythmic beats and passionate lyrics; therefore it is the most popular choice for walks down the aisle and first dances. You can also use a famous country music soundtrack as a backdrop to accompany your wedding ceremony. It will also help keep your guests motivated and pumped up during the entire event.

Country wedding trends keep on evolving year after year; mentioned above are just a few basic tips to help you plan a stylish country wedding.