Creating A Unique WeddingIf you are planning your wedding day on your own without any professional help, chances are your first ideas will come solely from your past experiences. Conversely, if you choose to go with a wedding planner, they are likely to choose what has worked best for them in the past. Many wedding planners are not trying to re-invent the wheel. If you really want to make your wedding day unique, here are some important points to keep in mind in the planning stages:

Personalised Wedding Traditions | Creating A Unique Wedding

Instead of going with the rulebook in choosing the wedding traditions, you need to focus on what feels right and relevant. You can even think about giving a new twist to the old wedding traditions that make them relevant to you as a couple.

Spend Money On The Right Things | Creating A Unique Wedding

Another way of making your special day unique is to avoid wasting money on things that are expected but ultimately unnecessary. You need to think carefully about the things that are important to you, just because something has always been done doesn’t mean it will make your day any better or more interesting.  

Get Advice | Creating A Unique Wedding

If you are struggling with ideas, it’s time to seek help from close friends and family members. You need to find people with creative brains; they are the ones who will be able to share some ideas to make your day unique. Make a list of everyone’s ideas and discuss them with your other half.

Unique Wedding Location


It’s beautiful hosting your wedding at a Church or a five-star hotel, but if you really want to make your day unique, you need to come up with a unique wedding venue that isn’t often used, such as an old theater, a castle, or your favourite bar or restaurant.

Incorporating these ideas into your wedding will surely give it a non-traditional boost that you and your guests will remember for the years to come.

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Creating A Unique Wedding