Eco Mother’s Day 2023

Happy Day to all the amazing mums!  This year I’d like us to celebrate Mother’s Day with an eco touch and thoughtfulness to our beautiful mother earth.

My Eco Mother’s Day.mother and son in the bush

As a single mum living in Coburg with a family who lives in France, being with my mum is not something very much possible. Personally, I prefer to spend time rather than purchasing anything just “for the day“.  When celebrating Mother Day, I like to keep it small and relaxing, choosing to spend a great day with my 9-year-old daughter. We like going for a nice bush walk or maybe some fresh pine mushroom picking!

Some eco Mother’s day ideas.

Today we can find many alternatives to celebrate Mother’s Day with an Eco-Conscience, without filling our landfill even more. Some fabulous information available at – Environment Victoria.

For those who love flowers, consider buying local and in season flowers who grow in their natural environment and not flowers who come from far away. Try to select flowers from Australia! An eco-conscious strong idea is to pick some fresh from your own garden, or simply offer a native potted plant as a gift. Indoor plants offer many health benefits as well as a beautiful indoors aesthetic.

If like me, you want to support local, first nations people, and wear your values, you could consider buying fashion for a cause. You’ll love the comfortable jumpers for winter, warm socks or cool t-shirts with a message, check out at “Clothing the Gap” .

Mother’s Day Photoshoot.

Mother’s Day is a beautiful occasion to be together, celebrating family time, to reunite, a perfect time to organise some family photos taken by a professional family photographer. If you have your family living in Melbourne, I offer excellent packages for Family Photography photo-shoots, and if your are local living in Coburg, I offer 10% Discount for Family Photoshoot and Wedding Photoshoot.mother and son standing in the trees

Depending on your plans for the day, consider having a relaxing intimate photoshoot with your mum and your favourite people at home, in your garden or maybe a local park. If you live in the Coburg area, visiting the Merri Creek is something fun to do whether its Mother’s Day or any other time you bring the family together for an outdoors adventure.

A portrait or family session is nice to offer to people we love. By hiring a professional photographer there is no more need to have your phone in your hand all the time, you can relax and enjoy the moment, being sure you will have some beautiful photographs taken with everyone included! A Family Photoshoot makes a great present, you can either organise it alone or with your siblings to reduce the cost. A special bonus is that the light in Autumn offers beautiful colour and tones, adding the artistry and atmosphere

If a photoshoot on Mother’s Day is not possible but you like the idea of family photos as a Mother’s Day gift. Offer one of my Family Photography Photoshoots to your mum, it’s always possible to have a session for your mum which she can use later with family or friends! it can be such a fun and different experience at the same time reducing our landfill and furthering your eco-conscious efforts.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to book a photoshoot. Contact Us

Love to all the mums!