elope vs local weddingGiven the high costs of modern-day weddings coupled with the monumental stress that comes with planning the perfect wedding, it is perfectly understandable why some millennial couples are drawn to the idea of eloping. Although you may be able to save a lot of money and feel less stressed out, you may have to make a lot of other sacrifices when you choose to sneak off for a destination elopement. Since a wedding day comes only once in a lifetime, you don’t want to look back decades from now and regret dropping the idea of throwing a lavish affair. With all these important aspects in mind, let’s explore the pros and cons of elope vs a local wedding and try to find which is best for you:

Eloping: The Pros

  • Cheaper than a full-fledged traditional wedding
  • Less hassles with wedding planning
  • Takes less time
  • More relaxed and convenient approach
  • No more family drama
  • More focus on each other
  • No religious or cultural barriers
  • Less pressure to compete with others
  • Can be combined with a honeymoon

couple under umbrellaEloping: The Cons

  • No/few family members, relatives, close friends
  • Few/no wedding gifts
  • No traditional wedding pictures/movies
  • Less of a big deal


Local Wedding: The Pros

  • Strengthens inter-family bonds
  • More fun and entertainment
  • Cultural/religious norms are strengthened
  • Better opportunities for wedding photography
  • Feels more like a milestone
  • More wedding gifts/gift registries
  • Extended celebrations


Local Wedding: The Cons

  • More time consuming
  • More budget consuming
  • Requires a lot of planning
  • More pressure to compete with others


Keeping all the pros and cons mentioned above, choosing between elope vs local wedding we hope your decision is easier. In the end, it all boils down to your personal choices and your current financial or family situation and above all else what is best for you as a couple.

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