Fun, Cheap Honeymoon Destination IdeasPlanning for your wedding day may eat up a lot of your time and budget and after taking care of the big items such as your wedding dress, wedding ring and shoes, wedding caterer and wedding photographer; you may find yourself low on finances for your honeymoon. If you’re wondering how you will be able to finance your honeymoon after paying for all your wedding bills, here are some fun, cheap honeymoon destination ideas that can easily fit into every cash-strapped couple’s budget.

Fun (but budget-friendly) Honeymoon Destination Ideas in Australia

Here is a list of some of the most romantic and budget-friendly Aussie getaways where you can stretch your honeymoon dollars a lot further:

Sunshine Coast, Australia | Fun, Cheap Honeymoon Destination Ideas

If you love white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a colorful marine life, The Sunshine Coast is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. There is no shortage of romantic locations around this beautiful beach resort area to keep you and your better half entertained. With Airbnb it’s easy to find something within your taste and budget.

Tasmania, Australia | Fun, Cheap Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Tasmania is known for its fine foods and wines all over the world. It is a great place for honeymooning couples as it offers plenty of breathtaking opportunities for photography. The picturesque views of the mountains surrounded by lush green landscape is perfect for capturing your honeymoon memories. You can go hiking through the lush rainforests spread all over Cradle Mountain or enjoy a candlelight dinner at Boat Harbour with the love of your life.

Fraser Island | Fun, Cheap Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Fraser Island is famous all over the world for its powder-soft sand, majestic beauty, thick rainforests, and fresh-water lakes. It is also home of the purest strain of dingoes remaining in Australia and there is also humpback whales cruises. It is a perfect holiday destination for families and newlywed couples alike. Whether you like beachcombing, swimming, surfing, hiking, or 4-wheel driving, Fraser Island offers many adventure activities for kids, families, and couples.  

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Fun, Cheap Honeymoon Destination Ideas