Gift Guides, Registery, Donations, Which Is Best?Weddings are a very memorable time for in your life. However, for the guests attending the wedding, it can prove to be a challenging time as they have to make a lot of decisions like what to wear, what to give, where to stay, how to get there, and so on. When it comes to giving the perfect gift to the couple, the guests often get confused. Is giving cash better than something off the registry? Is it OK to give a gift card? Which wedding gift is best suited for the couple? Gift Guides, Registery, Donations,  Which Is Best? These are some of the common wedding gift conundrums that guests struggle with.

Traditional wedding registries are still preferred by many couples as well as guests when it comes to wedding gifts, however over the past few years a new trend of giving cash/donations to the couple has gained popularity among millennial brides and grooms. They call it the honeymoon fund or honeyfund and it is used to pay for the many expenses related to the post-wedding getaway.

Wedding Registry Or Cash Donations (Honeymoon Fund) Which Is Right for You? | Gift Guides, Registery, Donations, Which Is Best?

While the idea of asking for cash or donations was considered a taboo a few years back, the creation of a honeymoon registry has made it way more acceptable today. Here are some solid reasons why more millennial brides and grooms now prefer a honeymoon fund over the traditional wedding gift registry:

  • honeymoon registry is perfect for millennial couples who have been living together for quite some time and are not in need of the “starter” stuff that is part of the traditional wedding registry
  • honeymoon registry is perfect for a couple who are getting married for the second time, it may sound foolish to ask for the same traditional gift items once again
  • honeymoon registry is perfect for those who are short on cash to fund their honeymoon trip
  • the funds/donations/cash received in the honeymoon registry account can be used for other purposes related to the wedding

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Gift Guides, Registery, Donations, Which Is Best?