We love coming up with new wedding photography ideas!

wedding photography ideasI’m sure many of you are spending a lot of time and energy coming up with ideas for you wedding photography and many other aspects of your day. It feels overwhelming sometimes with all the choices of beautiful wedding photography locations in Melbourne, from beach locations to city buildings and graffiti.

We recommend that although all these locations are great, couples shouldn’t spend too much time out of their day running around just to get different backgrounds for their wedding photography. The most important subject of your day is you and your partner after all.

wedding photography ideasMany of the couples we have worked with that have had the best day and outcome have chosen 1 or 2 locations that mean something to them and spent the majority of the day enjoying themselves (which really shows in the photos). The other important part of the day is all your family and guests, so it’s important that you also have plenty of time with them. Some of our favourite photos have been the couple and the guests simply hanging out having fun.

Having worked in most of the major venues throughout Melbourne we would say that if you choose a venue you love, most of the wedding photography can be done in and around the venue grounds, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the day and not be in and out of cars constantly and sitting in traffic.

We wish you all the best in coming up with you wedding photography ideas. Feel free to browse our wedding photography for inspiration and if you would like any further wedding photography ideas or just a chat give us a call. We love to hear couples unique ideas and we are more than happy to give you some advice.

wedding photography ideasMerci!

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