Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding?When it comes to hosting your wedding, the choices are endless. You can celebrate your wedding ceremony in an indoor setting like a church, a function centre, a hotel, a historic home, or you can choose and outdoor setting like a beach or garden wedding. There is no wrong or right choice when it comes to choosing an indoor or an outdoor wedding venue; both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Which one is Right for You? | Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding?

Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding? PVHThe selection of the type and setting of wedding venue will ultimately depend on the couple’s personal preferences, budget, family traditions, and of course the weather conditions. Keep the following pros and cons of both options in mind when making the decision of whether you should celebrate indoors or out:

Outdoor Weddings | Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding?




  • gorgeous views
  • minimal extra decoration is needed
  • less expensive than indoor wedding
  • a family-friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • more spacious than indoor weddings
  • can accommodate more guests
  • great natural photography opportunities


Wedding photography melbourneCons


    • unpredictable weather conditions
    • uninvited bugs, insects, and other pests
    • uninvited sounds/noise
    • hard to book outdoor wedding venues because of limited numbers and seasonal constraints
    • no privacy


Indoor Weddings | Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding?




    • controlled environment
    • more private and intimate than outdoor setting
    • more opportunities for decoration
    • more customisation freedom
    • suitable for any type of wedding
    • suitable for a wedding in any season or weather conditions
    • safety and security
    • added values (boarding facilities, valet parking, catering etc)
    • easy accessibility
    • suitable for elderly and disabled guests


melbourne wedding photographyCons


    • space limitations
    • more costly than outdoor weddings (for the same amount of guests and facilities)
    • more space and lighting constraints for the photographer

While deciding whether to choose an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding make sure to keep your invited guests in mind. You need to make sure that all your guests feel comfortable, relaxed, and secure at your wedding ceremony.

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