kids at weddingsWeddings are an amazing occasion for the bride and groom as well as their respective families to get together and celebrate. Weddings are rarely a children’s event and, particularly the wedding receptions are meant to be an adult affair only. That said, it is inevitable that you will have kids attending your wedding ceremony as little guests unless you have decided to host a “kids-free” wedding. The best way to make sure you have a stress-free wedding when children are invited is to keep the kids at weddings busy and entertained at all times.

Here are some fun and proven ways to keep the kids at weddings entertained and behaved for the whole day:

Keep Them Involved | Kids At Weddings


The best way to manage kids at weddings is to make them feel part of the proceedings. There are so many

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different tasks (big or small) these little guests can perform at your ceremony without demanding any reward from you. They can help distribute rose petals, program handouts, and confetti to the arriving guests and can also sometimes act as ushers. Make sure to assign the tasks keeping in mind their age, abilities, and skills.

Give Them Treats


A basket full of assorted treats placed on colorful tables with little toys in the surroundings is something that can keep the little ones busy while you carry on with your wedding proceedings. Make sure to choose something white or clear (such as marshmallow) that won’t stain their neat and clean dresses.

Hire an Entertainer | Kids At Weddings


girl at weddingDepending on how much you can spare from your wedding budget, you can always hire a professional entertainer like a clown, a caricature artist, a magician, or an impersonator like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, or Cinderella. This is one of the best ways to manage kids at weddings while the adults have a blast at the champagne party.

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