We love photographing pets at weddings!

pets at weddingsIt’s important when considering the guest list for your wedding not to forget you furry friend…. Let’s face it, your pet is probably your most loyal companion… after your fiancee of course !

Pets at weddings have major benefits but there are some important things to consider…. 


pets at weddingsAnimals have proven to calm nerves, so having your pet by your side on the big day may boost you confidence and reduce your stress levels…

But does your pet feel the same way? If your pet shows any signs of anxiety in crowds or tends to get distracted and misbehave it may not be the best idea to include her/him in your ceremony.

If you are confident that your pet will enjoy the occasion then consider the best candidate in the wedding party to act as a guardian for your animal friend. Or better still the flower girl or boy who may pets at weddingsfind the pet more interesting than any of your human guests (also a great photo opp)! Check in with this person before the day so they come prepared with responsibility.


There is much discussion around curating a wedding for yourselves as opposed to the expectations of your family, friends or other guests.

At PVH we strongly believe that the wedding day is a rare opportunity to do what you both want. The best wedding photography takes place when the couple is at their most relaxed. Although we say go with your gut, it’s also a good idea to consider whether the bulk of your guests, or at least the VIP’s will enjoy your fur baby at the wedding as much as you do.


pets at weddingsWe believe animals and photography are a match made in heaven !! We will always enjoy including them in your wedding album. Just be sure to chat to your wedding photographer about including your pet in advance so they are aware of your expectations and the dynamic on the day. Good photographers will embrace your pet and see it as a fun opportunity to incorporate animals in wedding photography.


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Pets at weddings

pets at weddings