In this series, we are creating a series of Q & A with Steph, covering topics most asked by clients and to introduce you a little more to Steph and her Inherent French creativity.portrait of a woman photographer

Good morning Steph, I am excited to start this series with you, shall we get started with Melbourne Wedding Photography.

Q To give our readers some background Steph, what inspired you to become a photographer for weddings?

A My background is fashion photographer, I used to work in Paris France. When I moved to Australia, I started working in Melbourne fashion photography, through the people I met working in this area, I found myself being asked to be the photographer at one of their weddings, the people loved my fashion work and sought to bring my creative flavour to their personal wedding day photography. The bride and groom loved my unique wedding photos, then others asked and soon I found myself, not working only as a fashion photographer, but also as a wedding photographer.


From there I became enamoured, I’ve always loved “the reportage”, I love to read people, their expressions, their eyes, their actions, the way they move. I was like this even before I became a photographer and now, I use this in my framing of the photo’s I take, my creative process is born from these observations.

When I am photographing a wedding, it’s real people, it’s emotional, capturing the emotions, the faces, the tears in grandma’s eyes, its love, its happiness….it is so special! 

Q There are many Melbourne wedding photography studio and independent photographers, what sets your work apart from others?Wedding photography in front of purple flower

A In part, this is like we were already discussing. My fashion photography is very raw, very street, creative; when you bring this flavour into the wedding situation, my wedding pictures stand as unique wedding photos, they are not standard or traditional. Many wedding photographers went to school to learn this one field of photography, I have not done that at all, my background is Paris fashion photography and advertising. Now, wedding photography has evolved into it an extension of my fashion photography, I find myself equally as inspired from both genres as they both feed my natural instincts of creativity and being a people person. I’m a passionate person, I must love what I am doing, the day I can’t love it, I stop.

There are no two weddings alike. Every wedding brings with it a completely different set of circumstances; the purpose might be the same, create a beautiful collection of wedding pictures, however the people, personalities, locations and the bride and groom’ vision for how they want their day presented cannot be necessarily covered by a formulaic approach.

Q How do you work with the wedding party? Is there any photography planning?

A Before the wedding, there is already so much for the wedding party to organise, I like to keep my involvement to a minimum, my job is very much on the day. We of course discuss what they are looking for, the type of wedding pictures they want, their venue, and they may have special instructions; for instance, there may be a family member who has travelled a long way and their inclusion in the pictures is especially requested. On the topic of venue, many bride and groom couples ask if I have shot a wedding at their venue before; honestly, I like when the venue is new to me, it feeds my creativity with fresh inspirations. I do however have one suggestion, if the wedding is outside around Melbourne or regional Victoria, to insure against rain, perhaps think of an alternative indoor location for some portraiture. But short of rain, on any day natural light can be a rewarding addition to the wedding pictures.

On the day, I blend, I follow. 

I have a natural affinity with people and can fit into the circumstances as they arise. I like to be part of the day and keep a keen eye to be sure I’m not missing any opportunity to capture the special memories which often the bride and groom and the wedding party are too involved with the event, their guests and of course, in the instance of the bride and groom each other, miss seeing for themselves. It is best not to be too planned, a perfect day doesn’t exist, on the day anything can happen to change circumstances, particularly here with our Melbourne weather, we can be disappointed if we set too firm a plan. It is very important they relax into their day and don’t stress, whatever happens on the day, I will capture it.

For the portraiture between the exchange of vows and celebration party, I like to wander around the venue taking advantage of the surrounds, the building, the architecture, the garden creating unique wedding pictures which capture their ‘once in a lifetime’ day. 

bride and her dad and her brides maid Q What is the question you are most often asked by the bride and groom

A Obviously once we have established my availability on the day,

There are probably two main questions I am asked….Are you a full-time photographer? 

I feel this is related to their confidence in the availability and my professionalism to both not let them down and provide the best memories of their day. Wedding Photography is not my hobby, I have been a professional for a long time as well as Fashion Photographer for even longer. My longevity within these industries is a testament to my reliability and the imagery you see here on my website speaks to my abilities. We must also remember I also do Portraiture and family photography as well.

Q The other we have already discussed a little, that is….Are you familiar with the venue?

A I do understand the reason for the question, the bride and groom feel a familiarity with the venue they have chosen will add ease and perhaps even more confidence in the wedding day photography result. While I agree a familiar venue can provide the ease of finding special backdrops for the photos, the creative within me loves the inspiration I find at new sights, venues, locations.

Thank you, Steph, it’s been fun and informative stepping into your world today.

I’m looking forward to our next chat; Backyard Weddings, in these Covid times more than ever this is increasingly becoming the go-to for couples.

By Nicola Hazzell

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