Newborn Photography Melbourne

Congratulations on embarking on this superb journey of parenthood! As a mum myself, I know how quickly time can fly by and how precious those first weeks are. When it comes to photographing your little one, my focus is on capturing the raw emotion and connection between you and your baby, creating stunning memories to last a lifetime.

I strongly value diversity and welcome all types of family units.

portrait of a mother holding her newborn in her hands

The comfort of your home

I believe that the familiar surroundings of home can provide comfort and confidence for you and your baby. This allows you to be fully present and embrace the natural flow of things. My preference for using natural daylight during the photoshoot helps to create a serene and calm atmosphere for you and baby. I approach photographing parents and their newborns with patience and care, preferring to capture authentic moments rather than poses, taking any pressure to perform away. You can rest assured that even if your home is not perfectly tidy, I am here to help you if any necessary rearrangements are needed. My newborn photoshoot focuses solely the pure love and deep connection between you and your precious little one.

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Newborn photography timing

I recommend scheduling a photoshoot for when your baby is one to three weeks old to capture those precious moments of their early days, as their development is rapid.

A mother is seated in front of a window, lovingly kissing her baby.
Newborn Photoshoot Prices

Local newborn photography

Meet Greta and Guy and their precious baby Clyde, surrounded by their adorable cat and dog, all captured in the comfort of their sweet, cozy home in Coburg. This at home photoshoot flowed naturally, and it was beautiful to witness their family’s deep love and strong connection

Local Newborn Photographer

I am a Coburg-based photographer offering a 10% discount to all Coburg residents!

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Skin-to-skin with your newborn

There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding your baby close.


A couple is feeding their newborn baby while holding them close in a skin-to-skin position.

I absolutely love capturing those skin-to-skin moments with your newborn. These raw and intimate moments make the most stunning photographs and beautiful memories.

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