BOUQUET PHOTOSJust like creating a garden full of gorgeous blooms, it’s important to consider some vital things when it comes to choosing your wedding bouquet. …

First and foremost – Availability of Bloom! Bouquet Photos

Always, always consider what types of flowers are available to your florist before getting your hearts set on something unachievable or unavailable ! It’s a good idea to gather a few different photos of bouquets or colours you are drawn to, and discuss these with your florist in advance, obviously considering the time of year you plan to get married.

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Melbourne Wedding Photographer

BOUQUET PHOTOSAny good Melbourne wedding photographer will also have a sharp eye for styling. It’s always a nice idea to inform your wedding photographer of the types of flowers and colour palette you will be using on the day , so the end result is not only cohesive, but everything you dreamed of !

Photographers also know the types of colours that will pop with the light, enrich your dress or enhance the filters you may chose to use on your wedding albumand bouquet photos.

Gowns, lipstick and flowers

The design and colour of your dress (and wedding parties) is imperative to consider when choosing both the shape of your bouquet and colour palette. Again, speak to your florist, wedding photographer and make-up artist … collectively, with all things considered – you will nail it ! 

BOUQUET PHOTOSD.I.Y Wedding bouquets

These are our favourite type ! Consider asking a creative friend or family member to help you with your bouquets, not only will you be creating special memories ( and a great photo opportunity !) but it is easy on the pocket !

Happy picking !