Photography Services

Photographiez Votre Histoire offer a full range of photography services including wedding photography, newborn, children and family, corporate photography, interior photography, and much more. I am passionate about providing  natural photojournalistic photography services for your event or photo session, to capture you and your family as you really are.

Wedding Photography Services

wedding photography servicesI have a long history in the Melbourne wedding photography industry and a large number of online galleries available for you to see examples of my work. I believe your wedding should capture you and your partner naturally and as such I focus on letting your day happen naturally. I do recommend a pre-wedding meeting to discuss any specific photos you require, however as you will see from our gallery the best photos are often the candid ones.
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Family, Children and Babies

family photographyAs Photographeiz Votre Histoire (Photograph Your History) suggests, I love covering the progression of families. I have many ongoing relationships with clients from their engagement right through to marriage and children. As with my wedding photography I love natural family photos. I can provide a more structured / posed photo session, however I think you will see from our gallery the best shots are often when a family are being themselves.
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Corporate Photography

corporate photographyI originally came from Paris where I had a successful career in fashion, advertising and corporate photography. My corporate photography services can cover any situation from portraits to coverage of events conferences and training. Contact me for a quote
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Hens Party Photography Services

Un petit photoshoot pour les filles!

A beautiful gift for the bride to be, another opportunity to dress up, laugh, drink and create beautiful memories with one another. I have many ideas for incredible locations so if you need inspiration I would love to help, let’s have fun and be creative! Think rooftop bars, Melbourne trams, maybe a beautiful garden or french inspired picnic. Our mini photo shoots starts from $80 per person.

  • Minimum of 5 friends to book
  • 1-hour photo shoot in the Melbourne CBD region
  • 50 high res photographs and an online gallery
  • Albums and fine art prints available – perfect for a gift!
  • Complimentary for the bride

Please email me if you would like to view a full web gallery.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Wedding Photographer

Is hiring a professional wedding photographer the most important thing when it comes to your wedding?

Do the benefits of having a professional wedding photographer outweigh the amount of money you can save by outsourcing this task to a friend?

Well, the answer to these questions will ultimately depend on your budget and your personal preferences and of course on the availability of the wedding photographer. 

For some couples, spending a big chunk of the wedding budget on items like catering, cake, dress, shoes, makeup, floral arrangements, invites, lighting, decoration, etc may be on the top of the priority list and hiring a professional wedding photographer at the bottom. However, if you think about it logically you will realise that the decorations and flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, the shoes will go back into their box, the makeup will vanish, and the dress will go back onto the shelf. If there is one thing that will remain with you for the rest of your life, it’s the photographs. 

A professional wedding photographer will capture your wedding day in the form of a special story, a story that you can share with your friends, family members, kids, and grandkids, something that you can treasure forever. So, instead of having a relative or a close friend take the responsibility of a wedding photographer on your special day, it is important hire a pro wedding photographer because the benefits of having a professional wedding photographer far outweigh the amount of money you may save this way.

So, before you decide to let “uncle Bob” assume the role of your wedding photographer, please make sure to check out the benefits of having a professional wedding photographer outlined hereunder:

Adept Knowledge of Camera & Equipment

Purchasing a professional DSLR camera is not a dream anymore; anyone can buy and operate one. However, unless you are a professional photographer, you won’t be able to unlock the full potential of a high-tech DSLR. Your “uncle Bob” might have the latest DSLR, but he may not be fully aware of how to best use its features for best quality wedding images. A professional wedding photographer comes armed with the right knowledge, expertise, and variety of accessories (such as lense, lights, stands) to ensure best results even in the most difficult situations.

Extensive Experience

While no two weddings are alike, there are some things that are common in all weddings, like the bride, the groom, the guests, the reception, the kids, lighting, etc. Shooting wedding photos day-in-day-out means that your professional wedding photographer will document your wedding day and your wedding ceremony in a way that will tell your story in a unique way. Professional wedding photographers possess the right experience to position themselves at the right spot at the right time to capture those golden shots. 

Peace of Mind

You want to stay relaxed and calm during your wedding, especially during your photo shoot, and this can only be possible when you share your responsibilities with your wedding team; consider a pro wedding photographer to be an important member of your wedding team. Let “uncle Bob” enjoy your wedding day and allow your professional wedding photographer to capture all your dear family members and important friends in the fond memories of your special celebration. Hiring a pro wedding photographer also means that you do not have to worry about carrying a backup camera, flash drive, extra lenses, extra battery or lighting equipment in case of an emergency. 

Keep in mind that you only have one chance when it comes to your wedding photos.