Green Eco-Friendly Weddings – Planning your Day

Many of us are looking to improve our own carbon footprint, its therefore not surprising, planning your day to be a green eco-friendly wedding can be a very self-rewarding as well as good for the planet.

Once you have settled on a green eco-friendly wedding, there is much to consider when planning your day.There are so many ways you may choose to improve your carbon footprint. To fulfil all possibilities may prove to be too consuming, therefore its important to accept any contribution you make towards a greener more eco-friendly wedding will help in the fight against climate change.


Some ideas you may consider to include in you plans for the day.


We previously touched on the topic in our blog, Green Eco-Friendly Wedding, it starts with the Engagement.

The level of formality will vary for each wedding. You may choose to simply use electronic communications via designated website, email, social media, messenger etc.

Alternatively, if a more formal approach is taken it can still be guided by your eco-friendly ethos. Select environmentally minded printers who offer sustainable options for paper and card stock like recycled or seed papers which can be planted. It may be that they take a creative approach, perhaps they plant a tree for every order they print or use up-cycled fabrics, leather or wood.

Keep the number of components to a minimum, some invitations include not only the invite and initial envelope, but response cards and envelopes to be posted. Think about eliminating this method of reply, by doing so not only do you reduce the paper/card stock used, but also the carbon footprint that would have been created by the extra printing and mail service (transportation – petrol/fuel, road wear and tear, electricity used at mail sorting centre).

Wedding Register:

Keep sustainability front of mind and register for items that support you green eco-friendly mission.

For many, marriage comes at a later stage of life with both partners already having established a home. We are not just moving out of home, nor are we starting out with nothing. The idea of the bridal register, while steeped in tradition, from today’s perspective, it from a bygone era.

Perhaps, the idea of a register which benefits one or a selection of your most favoured charities would suit your mission better.

Select a Green Eco-Friendly Venue:

This could likely be the single most contributing factor to your Green Eco-Friendly wedding.

Whether, the venue selected is like minded and follows a sustainable reduce carbon footprint business model or the venue itself is an eco-building with its own solar power and other sustainable features. Many forward thinking venue developers and managers are now offering sustainability without compromising style.

You may alternatively decide  to marry outdoors. See our previous blog where we discussed Weddings in 2022  Even our blog on Autumn Weddings adds some perspective to the outdoor wedding idea.

Consider booking to have your wedding in a National Park, or local community park, the fees you pay will then be contributing to its conservation or the local community at large.

The Flowers:

Rather than using formal flower arrangements, you could choose to look for built in decor. This may be physical venue structures and features, or if in the outdoors, mother natures gift of natural decor could serve to eliminate the need for formal flowers.

Traditionally, botanical centrepieces have been the most popular. If this is your path, think inventively, engage with a florist or venue designer to discuss alternatives. Perhaps, you’ll favour floral plants, like orchids or seasonal perennials rather than cut flowers. As an alternative, you may find some artist who will create stylish centre pieces for your tables from sustainably sourced  materials.

About the Food:

Caterers are well versed in offering sustainable meals, whether through sourcing of seasonal, vegetarian, vegan, substitution or other means they may have sourced themselves. These practises can also assist when menu planning for a diverse group of guests with different dietary or religious limitations.

Further, reduce the food waste, you or your caterer may already have a charity where left over foods can be donated.

Some final points to consider which will add to the reduction of your carbon footprint when planning your eco-friendly wedding;

  • Rent where you can. Decor, bridal, bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits can all or in part, be rented.
  • Welcome bags and/or wedding favours can be edible or sustainable by design.
  • Don’t litter. Plan alternatives for the wedding toss rather than rice or confetti, perhaps flower petals which are bio degradable which can be composted after clean up.
  • Donate or Re-cycle. Plan for the aftermath of your eco-friendly wedding. Pre-plan for the disposal of foods, decor items when your event is over.

As we come to the end of this planning stage of your eco-friendly wedding and look to the aftermath, the honeymoon is the next element to discuss. Keep an eye out for our next blog where we will offer some ideas for an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon.

Written by Nicola Hazzell