Sit Down Vs Standup Wedding ReceptionThe dining style you choose for your wedding reception helps set the flow and vibe of the entire event. So, it is important that you spend some time getting to know the pros and cons of each option before coming to a final decision. Let’s have a look at the two most popular dining options; the sit-down reception vs. standup reception, and try to understand how they can influence your guests, your requirements, and of course – your budget.  

Sit Down Wedding Reception

The typical sit down wedding reception (whether plated or family-style) is definitely the more traditional route and offers a built-in elegance factor and a sense of formality. In this type of setup the guests are served with several plated courses while they remain seated aT their tables. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of this type of setting:

Wedding CouplePros
  • probably the most formal dining style and surely the most elegant
  • offers a lot of opportunities for customisation
  • offers maximum comfort for the guests
  • offers more room for organising and managing large gatherings
  • allows for natural-flow of the formalities
  • allows guests to choose their preferred meal options and amounts
  • demands more planning
  • demands plenty of space
  • demands more manpower (the wait staff)
  • demands more financial resources

Stand Up Wedding Reception

Stand up receptions also referred to as cocktail style reception is much easier to coordinate and allows the guests to enjoy the space and mingle freely with each other. Since tables and chairs are not really a thing at a stand up reception, the food either comes to them or is easily accessible. When comparing the sit down reception vs. standup, the latter has the following pros and cons:

Flowers On A TablePros
  • offers maximum utilisation of open space
  • guests have the freedom to sit or stand with whomever they want
  • guests can eat whatever they like in any quantity and at any time they like
  • less expensive than the sit down dining style
  • offers more choices to those with dietary restrictions
  • leaves room for disorganisation especially if the gathering is too large
  • there are no wedding reception timelines, this can influence the wedding schedule
  • serving size is usually smaller

In the end, the choice of sit down reception vs. standup wedding reception will ultimately depend on your budget, number of guests, and what you wish your guests to experience.

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Sit Down Vs Standup Wedding Reception