unique wedding favoursWedding favours are one of those cute and quirky items that your wedding guests will take home after your big day is over. Wedding favours hold special value as they are a token of appreciation from your side saying “thank you” to your guests for being part of your special day. But, more often than not, these quirky items fail to capture the attention of wedding guests and are often left on the tables at the end of the day. One way of ensuring that your wedding favours are able to attract your guests and secure a place in their pockets is to offer them unique wedding favours

Unique Wedding Favours to Inspire Your Guests

Wedding favours usually go unnoticed in many weddings; this is because too little effort and time is devoted to this important part of the wedding day. If you want to include wedding favours on your big day and want to ensure that that they get noticed, make sure that you choose something that is completely different, really pops and gives value. Here are our top 5 ideas for unique wedding favours:

Salt and Pepper Shaker


If you want to give your guests something unique and something that also holds practical value, choose salt and pepper shakers. Unlike other traditional wedding favours that often become clutter in your guest’s home, salt and pepper shakers can be used by your guests long after your wedding celebration is over. 

Infused Olive Oil


Mini bottles of infused olive oil can make great take-home treats and make will your guests happy. Add a personal touch to these mini bottles by embossing or engraving your names or a “Thank You” note. 

Unique Bottle Opener


Even though bottle openers may seem like a traditional wedding favour, you can still make them pop out by choosing the ones that are completely unique. Personalising them is always a good option. Your guests will be able to use these for years after your wedding is over. 



As surprising as it may seem, T-shirts personalised with the name of the bride and groom and/or other information/slogan can make for great wedding favours. Your guests may not be able to wear these personalised T-shirts to their office but they are likely to wear them around the house. 

Mini Handmade Soap


Mini handmade soap is a unique wedding favour that will never go to waste. Whether you have the time to make them at home or you just buy them from the market, customised mini handmade soaps will always be appreciated by your guests.

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