TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR BRIDESWeddings are difficult photography situations as they take place on particular day or moment that cannot be repeated, reversed or re-staged, this is also what makes your wedding day so special. Many couples spend a good chunk of their wedding budget on their wedding photography, so it’s important to make sure that the money spent on it produces the outcome they want. Use the following top wedding photography tips for brides to ensure incredible wedding shots, from selecting the perfect wedding photographer to posing confidently in front of the camera. 

Choose your Wedding Photographer Wisely

Being photographed over and over again can feel forced, strange and annoying, especially for those brides and grooms who aren’t used to being in front of a camera. The best way to tackle this issue is to choose a photographer you feel relaxed around. This will not only help you open up in front of the camera, it will also ensure that more natural and authentic wedding photos are captured by your wedding photographer. Do not wait till the last minute to book the wedding photographer of your choice, more often than not, the good ones are booked way in advance. 

Choose a comfortable Wedding Dress |

Top Wedding Photography Tips For Brides

Many women who have been married before will tell you: “sit in your dress before you buy it“. If you are not comfortable moving around, sitting, or posing in front of the camera in your wedding dress, you might miss out on fun non-portrait poses. Make sure that the wedding dress you have selected fits your right, is flattering and makes you feel a million dollars. 

Pay Special Attention To Your Hair And Makeup 

Tears, hugs, kisses, and sweat are all part of the wedding day, this means your hair and makeup aren’t going to stay put for too long. The best way to deal with these situations is not to deviate too far from the norm as far as the wedding hairstyle and makeup is concerned. If you want to look natural, fresh, and flawless for your wedding, make sure to avoid putting dark foundation and heavy strip lashes. 

Work on Your Body Language | Top Wedding Photography Tips For Brides

Stay relaxed, calm, and composed during your photo shoot. Keep in mind that the best photos are the ones that are taken naturally without any directions. Keeping a genuine smile on your face and arching your back will make you look more confident. If you are nervous and do not know how to smile naturally in front of the camera, just giggle. Often faking a laugh produces a real one.

Follow our top wedding photography tips for the brides, and let the wedding photographer of your choice do his/her magic on those precious memories of your wedding day.

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