The Power of Spring

Spring into Life woman with a sunflower in her hand


As we all enjoy the Power of Spring, we are enlivened as we watch the world around us Spring into Life.

The change of season, shifting from the the barrenness of winter into the joy and colour of spring brings with it a shift in our mood, our lust for life, our motivation to seek adventure.

The Power of Spring – Our Mood

In spring, those of us who live in participating states, adjust our clocks to daylight savings time. This simple shift brings with it lighter evenings and an uplift of spirits. It’s no longer gloomy when we leave work at the end of day, this too, bringing with it a shift in mood as we celebrate the arrival of warmer days and evenings to come. Longer and warmer evenings when we can take advantage of outdoor activities after dinner. whether is a run, a social walk on the high street or along the waterfront to a favourite bar for a quick wine, a visit to the park with the 4-legged members of the family where we find like-mined doggy mums and dads.

The shift in lifestyle also brings a shift in our diets. Gone are the heavy winter meals, we move into our BBQ season and enjoy lighter meals, these too, offer a shift in our mood as we feel healthier and livelier.

All these activities are embedded in  Australia’s spring summer lifestyle and contribute to an uplift in mod.

The Power of Spring – Florakids having fun

Along with warmer days, our Flora bursts into life.

From the austere bare branches of winter, we watch all Spring into Life.

Our own gardens take on new growth and colour, our streetscapes find their first blooms to give forth to a flourish of new leaves readying themselves to offer the much needed shade for the weeks and months ahead. The parklands become so inviting. We watch as otherwise dormant bulbs and spring perennials offer up their annual performances. At home, we work on our veggie patches to swap out our crops for the new season, we nurture the existing and plant new herbs, ready to fill our salad bowls.

There is so much top appreciate.

The Power of Spring – Social Life

Spring is a time when our social calendars also Spring into Life.

Our boost in mood sees us inclined to make plans to catch up with those we perhaps missed over winter. We are done with hibernating, we are ready to set social engagements and fill our time out and about, local and even road trips. We may visit restaurants, cafes, picnic in parks or at the beach. We come together in laughter, shared stories over drinks, a meal or mutually enjoyed hobby or sporting activity. Spring in Melbourne deserves to be celebrated.newborn and spring flower

Spring Photography

There is so much new positive energy which arrives as a result of Spring, it is a fabulous time to take advantage and plan some Family Photography.

In spring, photographs benefit from the shift in our moods and desire for enjoyment, the arrival of brighter and stronger sunlight, the flourish of colour from our new flora, whether in our home gardens or local parklands and public community spaces. All serve to inspire creativity, delivering unique family photos.

One small reminder: We and our flora are not the only ones to emerge from hibernation. Please remember when you are out in parklands or bush lands, spring is also when snakes come out from their winter sleep. Many councils will provide signage to warn you of snake activity, however, this cant be guaranteed and we should all remain diligent and watchful when we are venturing into areas where our fauna resides.

One last thought: This past week we have seen unappreciated rainfall and subsequent flooding throughout much of Victoria. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all who have been impacted by this display from mother-nature. Whether it’s been you or your family members or friends, yours or their homes or businesses or your local community. All our care and heartfelt thoughts are with you to keep safe and find your strength throughout this most difficult time.

By Nicola Hazzell