Obviously everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, it’s easy to become obsessed with every detail of how the day will run! We find that the most enjoyable weddings are the ones that progress naturally and don’t have too many ideas packed into the day.

We would like to share some of our wedding photography tips.

wedding photography tipsThe morning preparation

Often the girls and boys are at separate locations so having 2 wedding photographers is a good idea as it removes the stress of timing the boys and girls preparation separately and allows plenty of time for all the aspects of preparation.

It’s a good idea not to ask your wedding photographer to come to early in the morning, particularly if you have limited hours in your package, it’s good to have the wedding photographer arrive when you start your make up, your bridesmaids will be nearly ready by this time and perfect to be in the photos!

Often you will have time to get your photographer to do a few nice family photos too.

Before leaving the preparations make sure there is a checklist of everything you need as you don’t want to leave your veil behind (this actually happened once) or anything important you need for the day. (one of our most important wedding photography tips)

The Ceremony Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsIn terms of the wedding photography your ceremony can be exactly the way you want it but there are some things to think about so your photos turns out the way you want them. Some venues have restrictions on lighting and other rules that may impede the photographer.

If the venue is a big church with an upper tier sometimes access to the stairs needs to be organised prior to the wedding day. These shots can be really beautiful so don’t forget to ask your venue.

lighting is really important for the photography to turn out well. Some venues have rules regarding flash and other lighting so have a chat to the venue organisers prior to the day.

wedding photography tips
It can be a good idea to ask your guests to be respectful of your wedding photographer and to minimise the use of their cellphones, having a beautiful shot of you walking down the aisle is a very important part of the day, you don’t want the view of the bride obscured by guests jumping in the aisle with their cellphone or camera.

Le baiser (the kiss)
Couples often request that we capture the perfect shot of ‘the kiss’… it’s important to remember how swiftly the ceremony progresses, and how quickly the kiss happens! Please ensure you consider allowing a few extra seconds so that your photographer can nail the shot! It’s important that it appears very natural, so we never ask couples to ‘kiss again’. Plan this with your partner and your photographer before the day.


The Portraits ~ Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tips

The most important thing is to relax and have fun! It’s no secret the golden hour is the best time of day to beautifully capture your portraits. Not only is it a kinder light and softer on the face but it’s très Romantic ! This is one of the main reasons why couples have their wedding ceremony starting in the afternoon. By the time the ceremony is over, mother nature will give you her best colours and light!

Once again, it’s important to plan this with your photographer before the big day. Obviously this is not obligatory and we endeavour to create the best possible photographs no matter what time of the day you choose.  

wedding photography tipsThe Reception Wedding Photography Tips

Enjoy the food, drinks and your guests!

Often we do some portraits at the reception also as the evening lighting can be amazing, but our main objective during this time is to capture you and your guests having fun. The reception generally has many things to capture such as the cutting of the cake, the first dance, speeches and various other traditions but the reception flows very smoothly and we often work with the venue coordinator to know the timing of each moment.

If you would like to have a chat about your wedding day feel free to give us a call

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