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Lola & Joan

Make up & Hair: by Lorena Rey
Dress: Custom made
Shoes: @ ASOS.
Bouquets: made by friend
Restaurant: Bouzy Rouge
Rooftop: Madame Brussels
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How To Plan a European Style WeddingNo place in the world has quite the same imperial architecture, ageless beauty, inevitable charm and allure as Europe – as such there is no doubt as to why it is considered a dream wedding destination for the romantics at heart. While the idea of getting married in Europe may attract you in the first place, the price tag of making all the wedding arrangements and getting your guests there might make you think otherwise.  No need to panic, as there are plenty of exquisite venues in Australia that will give you and your guests that special European style wedding touch right here at home.

For the couples who are thinking about having a European inspired wedding closer to home, this guide on “how to plan a European style wedding” may prove to be very handy. So, without wasting any time, let’s look at the top tips on how to plan a European style wedding in your own homeland.

Choose a European Inspired Wedding Venue


The first and most important thing to do to have a European inspired wedding at home is to find a place that will bring the essence of a romantic European celebration to your special day. Luckily, there is no shortage of such venues in Australia, from the Tuscan-style vineyards of Yarra Valley to the historic French provincial mansions closer to the CBD, you are sure to find a perfect venue that will make you feel as if you have flown all of your guests to a sumptuous destination wedding. Here is a list of the top 10 reception venues in Sydney, Australia with a touch of Europe:

  1. Gardens of Forest
  2. Sydney Observatory
  3. Lauriston House
  4. The Westella Renaissance
  5. The TeaRoom QVB
  6. Allegro
  7. Palais Royale Katoomba
  8. Oliveto Ristorante
  9. Bistro Molines
  10. Villa Vivante

From the country European feel to the Italian inspired gardens and cuisine, these venues can offer you everything in between to make you and your guests feel as if you are in the middle of European fantasy.

Choose a European Inspired Wedding Dress


In order to curate a European inspired wedding atmosphere, you need to make sure to choose your wedding dress accordingly. According to Bridal dress experts, beaded lace used throughout the bride’s Berta wedding dress is perfect to curate a Euro-inspired bridal look. You do not necessarily have to look for an antique textile, lightweight fabrics like crepe and chiffon can be a perfect choice for a Euro-inspired wedding dress.

Set a Romantic Tablescape | How To Plan a European Style Wedding


European weddings have a rustic elegant look and feel, you can mimic the same by setting up an elegant rustic looking reception table. To give that look, you need to go with brass vessels, candlelight, and plenty of fruits such as pears, blueberries etc. For counter pieces, you can always use natural flowers found in most European countries and arrange them loosely so that they resemble a natural setting.

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