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We get to meet some pretty amazing couples doing this job, but this wedding holds a special place in our hearts. Not only was the day set amongst the gorgeous Abbotsford Convent gardens and not to mention the light gods were definitely shining on us, but Steve, Angela and their entire family were incredibly welcoming and by the end of the night we felt like family. Thank you so much for picking us to document your incredible wedding day! We can not get enough of garden ceremonies and on this particular afternoon, the weather and light was spectacular, highlighting Angela and Steve’s immense love for one another.

For their wedding portrait session, we quietly wandered around the gardens and surrounding buildings snapping away, and if we’re to be honest, it was pretty hard to take a bad photo of these two!! They are as gorgeous on the outside as they are on the inside. Here are some of our favourites before we start their day from the beginning.


*** Highlights ***

**** From the beginning ****

Angela & Steve
Makeup –Allira Taylor
Hair – Tara-lee Mitchell
Florals – Botanics Melbourne
Celebrant – Meriki Comito
Venue & Catering – Abbotsford Convent Wedding, Bursavia




Every year, more than 120,000 Australians go through the process of planning their wedding. For most couples, planning a classic Melbourne city wedding can be very overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. Right from selecting the date, to picking the look, and choosing a perfect wedding location, planning a classic city wedding is not as simple as it sounds. But with proper information and right organisational tools, much of the stress and agony of planning a classic Melbourne city wedding can be eliminated.

Planning a classic city wedding is different than planning a traditional countryside wedding, as in the city your options are limitless but your resources are not. The countryside wedding may offer you some advantages, such as plenty of space to easily accommodate your guests, a more private setting, and a unique landscape for picture perfect wedding photography, which are good if you really want to make a statement on your special day. A classic Melbourne city wedding, on the other hand, has its own benefits, such as a great view of the skyline, easy accessibility for your guests, plus better catering and venue options.

Here are some important tips to streamline your classic Melbourne city wedding planning process:

Decide The Time Of Event Wisely

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating your big day in Melbourne city, but as they say, it never sleeps. Therefore, the timing of your wedding event is very important. You need to make sure that you have not planned any part of your big day during rush hours. Also check whether there are any key events such concerts, sporting games, shows, etc happening in and around town, that may impact your wedding day celebrations. You do not want yourself or your guests to spend your special day finding a parking spot or beating the traffic rush. This may also impact the availability of accommodation for your guests and they may end up paying more for their stay. Therefore, make sure that nothing big is happening in and around Melbourne city at the time you have planned your big day celebrations.

Select a Perfect Venue

You are spoiled for choices when it comes to planning a classic Melbourne city wedding. There is a perfect wedding venue in Melbourne to suit every taste and budget. From a traditional historic house to a rustic warehouse and from a relaxed beachfront environment to an intimate garden wedding venue, Melbourne city has it all. Here is a list of Melbourne’s top 5 unique wedding venues:

  1. Rupert on Rupert, Collingwood
  2. The Brunswick Mess Hall, Brunswick
  3. Glasshaus, Richmond

Regardless of your budget or the kind of wedding you have in your mind, you can easily plan a classic Melbourne city wedding with these handy tips by your side.

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