Nathalie and John’s elegant city wedding was full of Greek tradition and jammed packed with celebration. For me, this wedding was an absolute career highlight. Having already photographed the groomsman’s St Kilda wedding I knew I was in for a treat! Nat started her morning off in style at the Olsen hotel penthouse suite. I snapped away as she celebrated the morning with family, champagne, a full spread and a rooftop dancing session to an incredible Greek band! This was followed by an exceptional ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, a portrait session in the lush St Kilda gardens and an evening at the iconic National Gallery of Victoria, this wedding really did have it all. When it came to the end of the night there was not a guest seated, young and old, everybody hit the dancefloor to celebrate the union of these two stunning souls. Much love to this stunning couple ! xx

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Nathalie & John
Gown – Ersa Atelier
Hair & Makeup – Kristina Canzoneri
Flowers & Floral Styling – Wunderplant
Venue – NGV / Peter Roland Catering



If you are a downtown girl, the idea of an elegant city wedding will certainly be on the cards, and rightly so. A big city wedding offers an abundance of venue options to tie the knot in style. Depending on your budget and your taste, you can celebrate your special day in a classic grand ballroom with a touch of elegance and sophistication; invite your guests to a loft or gallery wedding for some contemporary, urban industrial vibe, or exchange your vows in a modern rooftop wedding, filled with endless views. Regardless of your choice of a wedding venue, there are some common elements that make a city wedding so special. Let us take some inspirations from the industry experts and try to find out how to plan an elegant city wedding without going through all the stress and without overstretching your budget.

Know Your Restrictions

One great thing about city weddings is that there is plenty of room for customising your party the way you want, but that does not mean you are free to do whatever comes in your mind. Different parts of the city are usually zoned differently. There are places in the city which have strict access, while others are free to the public. There are some areas in the city with stricter noise restrictions, so you need to be very careful about choosing your wedding venue. If you want to hire a local band at your wedding, it is better to stay away from the noise restricted areas.

Check the Dates

There is always something big happening in or around big cities of the world. Whether you live in New York or have planned your wedding in Paris, make sure to check the calendar for any city-wide events, such as a marathon or a parade. Mega events such as annual festivals, annual sports events, marathons, or parades can prove to be a total disaster, causing anything from the huge influx of people to road closures, traffic jams, and high hotel prices. If you do not have any emergency, it is better to opt for a less busy date.

Keep your guests in Mind

No wedding ceremony is complete without the attendance of wedding guests, family members, and friends. One good thing about city weddings is that there is plenty of public transportation available for your guests. However, there is one downside also to having a wedding in a big city – you are cramped for parking space. Therefore, keep your guests in mind while making plans for your big day. Make sure to offer valet parking and coat check for your wedding guests. It will make their life much easy and they will be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Select the Right Wedding Dress

There is no shortage of stunning backdrops for your wedding photography in a city wedding. The city life is full of romance, vibrant culture, twinkling lights, and interesting architecture to capture and save in your wedding photos. Your wedding photographer will surely take your for a ride to capture the beauty of downtown in your wedding photos, therefore make sure to wear a comfortable wedding dress.

By now you will have a pretty good idea of how to plan an elegant city wedding without going through a lot of stress and agony of planning. Keep these important tips in mind and you will be sure to set your city girl heart on fire on your wedding day.  

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