Location Ideas for Wedding PhotographyUltimately one of the most important things that will make your wedding photos amazing is the location. Most professional wedding photographers will tell you the best location ideas for wedding photography are the ones that are “photo-rich” in nature as they provide a mix of moods, angles, colours, and textures. While the majority of these “photo-rich” moments will occur during the reception or the actual wedding ceremony, most couples will want a unique wedding photo session at a special location before or after the Big Day. Finding the right location is really important. Farmhouses, art galleries, city locations, beaches, museums, resorts and natural locations like mountains, gardens, and waterfalls can all provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding portraits. Here are some location ideas for wedding photography that can help you get started as you embark on your dream wedding photography session. 

At the Seashore

Sand, surf, crystal clear waters, and romantic sunset; you simply cannot ask for more to take those mind-boggling, truly unique wedding photos. The great thing about this wedding photography location is that the seashore gives a totally different look at various times of the day due to the changes in light. So, you do not have to go from one place to another to take those stunning wedding pictures. A sun-drenched beach provides a wonderful backdrop to capture some truly blissful moments. 

By a Lake or River

Lake or River location provides a perfect backdrop for taking rustic or natural themed wedding photos. While taking photos by the lake or river, it is important to keep in mind the placement of shadows and reflections off the water’s surface, especially in the morning or evening sunlight. 

Downtown in the City

From sleek city skylines and skyscrapers to traditional gothic architecture, there is no shortage of perfect backdrops to take those amazing wedding photos. Just make sure to scope out the city architecture in advance and shortlist the streets or venues that you want to visit and include in the backdrop of your wedding pictures. 

In  a Local Park | Location Ideas for Wedding Photography

There is no better place to take wedding photos than a local park or garden as it offers a natural backdrop to your wedding photos. You will have plenty of natural as well as artificial locations such as flowers, lush green landscape, trees, sun, waterfalls, fountains, art installations, rides, and small bridges to use as a backdrop in your wedding photos.

Orchard, Vineyard or Farm | Location Ideas for Wedding Photography

While public parks, local beaches, downtown locations, and local rivers may offer the perfect backdrop to capture those amazing wedding photos, they have one major drawback – no privacy. If you are considering something that is off the radar of the general public, you need to find a farm, vineyard or an orchard. There are plenty of local orchard or vineyard owners that will happily allow you to take your wedding photos on their property. Just make sure to visit them near to harvest season, as the trees and vines that grow there are at their peak natural beauty at this time. 

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