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About Photographiez Votre Histoire- Wedding Photographer in Melbourne, VIC

Bonjour my name is Stephanie Bailly, I am a photographer originally from France, now living in Melbourne.
My background in both Fashion photography and modelling in Paris opened up the world of ‘reportage’ and Portraiture, It was here I found a passion for photographing people.

I began ‘Photographiez Votre Histoire’ in 2012 after I arrived in Melbourne to satisfy my love of capturing moments in time during rare and special occasions – from all backgrounds and cultures.

Your wedding is a story, Your unique story, which I love to tell through photos.

If you like my style of work, please contact me to arrange a time we can have a coffee and chat about your special event.

Where I Work

I generally work within the Melbourne area, as I live in Carlton North, however i am available to work throughout Australia and France. I love to photograph local weddings as I am inspired by my area and the creative people around Fitzroy, Carlton Brunswick and Collingwood have.

I am often visiting my family and friends in France, so if you are planning to have your wedding day in Europe, i would love to hear about it!

How I Work

I feel very privilege to work as a photographer and that’s why Photographiez Votre Histoire is driven with a real amour et passion for photography. I work with honesty and I will make sure from beginning to end I help you the best I can for your special day. Combining affability, sincerity , flexibility and attention to detail, I constantly deliver premium and authentic images that truly showcase each couples journey.


Wedding Photographer Melbourne

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Kids At Weddings | Some Techniques To Manage Them

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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Ring | Some Tips

A wedding ring (whether for bride or groom) is not only one of the focal parts of the big day; it is also a symbol of marriage that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Choosing the perfect wedding ring that you will love and savour for years to come therefore demands some

If you need any additional information or just a general chat about your wedding please don’t hesitate to give me a call, I’d love to hear all about your wedding and your ideas for your photography.

Photographiez Votre Histoire
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