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About Photographiez Votre Histoire
Wedding Photographer Melbourne

Bonjour, I am a french born photographer that works in fashion, advertising and wedding photography. I am originally from France were i worked in Paris for 10 years before moving to Australia in 2009. My first years in Melbourne I worked mainly as a fashion and music photographer, over this time i had many couple ask me to photograph their weddings as they liked my style of photography, before my first wedding shoot I had no idea how much I would love it!

As a wedding photographer I love the rawness, the love and all the emotions. When i am not documenting weddings, i am busy with fashion photography or preparing my new personal projects. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne i ‘d love to hear from you and organise a catch up over a coffee and croissant in Melbourne city or Carlton North. Amour et Bisous

How We Work

Photographiez Votre Histoire (Wedding Photography Melbourne) generally work within the Melbourne area, however we are available to work throughout Australia and internationally. I am often returning to France to visit my family and friends, so if you are planning to have your wedding day in tres romantique Paris or anywhere in Europe , i would love to hear about it and am more than happy to help! I feel very privilege to work as a photographer and that’s why Photographiez Votre Histoire is driven with a real amour et passion for photography. We work with honesty and will make sure from beginning to end we help you the best we can for your special day. Combining affability, sincerity , flexibility and attention to details, we constantly delivers premium and authentic images that truly showcase each couple journey.

Making Your Wedding Photography Unique
Wedding Photographer Melbourne

We believe the locations for your wedding photography portraits should mean something to you. We have a lot of couples ask us “where should we do our portraits?”. There are many locations in Melbourne that have been used for years by wedding photographers, however we think that your locations should relate to you as a couple. We have used all sorts of locations with couples for their portraits including The bar they met, a picnic where they had their first date, their favourite library and many more. We are more than happy to discuss potential locations in our meeting with you but we also love experiencing new locations in Melbourne that make your wedding photography completely unique.

Wedding Photographer Melbourne

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Wedding Photographer Melbourne

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