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What makes Photographiez Votre Histoire unique?

We are a small collective of Fashion and Art photographers, so we have a rich history working in high-pressure environments. This makes us experts in delivering in fast-paced situations whilst making you look good. Read our personal bio’s on the About page. 

We feel our varied backgrounds contributes to our unique photographic style, but we’ll stop talking about it – go check it out. 🙂 

How many weddings have you photographed?


We are not comfortable in front of the lens.

Don’t worry, you are not alone! We photograph in a documentary style, this means we won’t pose you awkwardly, or ask you to recreate moments, but rest assured, we will direct you to the best light. Honestly, most of the time you won’t even know we are there! Your wedding day should be fun, so our portrait sessions are relaxed and natural. It will be a blast… We promise! 

What will we receive after our wedding?

You will receive:

  • A selection of ‘sneak peek’ photographs within a week of your wedding day. 
  • Within 1 month you will receive a USB with approximately  800-1000 photographs both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (web-ready) with a mix of colour and black and white. All images are professional colour corrected & retouched.  
  • Depending on your package – a personalised Photo Album or Fine Art Prints

We have a unique day planned, can you customise your packages?

Sure can, we often capture elopements and other custom events so please reach out as we can create a package to meet your needs. 

Can you help us with light and timing suggestions?

Of course, we can suggest the best time of the day for your ceremony and portrait sessions, ensuring the most natural and beautiful photographs are captured.

Do you shoot same-sex marriages


Our memories are precious, do you have systems in place to protect them?

YES. YES. YES. Your day can never be recreated, this is why we have strict systems in place to safeguard your memories. We can walk you through those details when we chat. 

We have a short time for the portrait session, are you comfortable with that?

Yes we are! No need to worry, we will make sure you have beautiful photographs taken regardless. Having said this, we will suggest an optimal portrait timeframe.

Do we need to catch up with you before the wedding to organise?

We would love to meet you! However, we know you will be flat out planning your big day and if time does not allow a physically meet up, we can iron out all of the details via emails or over the phone

Do you charge for travel in victoria?

No, travel within Victoria is included.

Do you create custom Photo Albums & Fine Art Prints?

We do! If you would like to see their quality we will bring one to our coffee meeting. We also create Fine Art Prints using premium archival paper, this ensures your memories look incredible and will not fade over time. 

Can we get the raw files from the day?

As all raw files need colour correction and processing they will not be provided. You will receive the files retouch in high-resolution JPEG. Our colour correction and processing is unique to our style and is extremely important in delivering our beautifully finished photographs. 

How far in advance do we need to book you?

The earlier the better. Send through an email and we can check our availability.  

Do you need a photography capture list?

No. Your day is completely unique, as documentary style wedding photographers we will capture all of the beautiful details of your day and real moments as they unfold. 

Do you watermark your photographs?

Yuck, no.

Do you travel, Australia/Overseas? What is the cost?

Yes we do! We love to travel, Steph is often in France annually. The cost would depend on travel arrangements and your wedding schedule. Usually, you would need to consider the travel fee, accommodation for 1-2 night and car hire (or provide someone happy to drive)

Do you shoot engagements?

Yes we do, if you would like to book an engagement session prior to your wedding we have a discounted portrait rate when booked with your wedding day. 

Do you need us to organise your dinner?

Oui merci 

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