My wedding photography facts

Here is some helpful information about my wedding photography services. Every couple has their vision for their big day, so I’m here to answer any of your questions!

How long in advance do we need to book you?

Some couples book two years in advance, but it’s up to each couple, the size of their wedding and their needs. I suggest booking as soon as you have a rough date set.

We are not comfortable in front of the lens…how does this work on the wedding day?

The last thing I want is for you to feel stressed or uncomfortable. I photograph in a documentary style, meaning I won’t ask you to recreate moments or pull weird poses! My style is very relaxed and natural. I will guide you to find the best light and background but for the most part, you won’t even know I am there. 

What will we receive after our wedding?

You will receive:

  • A small selection of photographs within a week of your wedding day. 
  • A month after your big day, you will receive a Gallery photo with 800-1000 photographs in high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (web-ready) with a mix of colour and black and white you can share with your family and friends. All images are professionally colour corrected and retouched by me. 
  • Depending on your package, a selection of fine art prints

We have a unique plan for our wedding day, can you customise your packages?

Yes, we can discuss your needs and create a package to meet them.

Can you help us with light and timing suggestions?

Of course, I can suggest the best time of the day for your ceremony and portrait sessions, ensuring the most natural and beautiful photographs are captured.

Do you shoot same-sex marriages?

Of course, Oui! I support love and marriage of any kind.

Our memories are precious, do you have systems in place to protect them?

Absolutely. I have systems in place to safeguard your photographs. I can walk you through those details during our first meeting.

We only have a short time for the portrait session, is that okay?

Yes, I will make sure you have beautiful photographs taken regardless of time restraints.

Do we need to catch up in person with you before the wedding to organise?

I am a people person so I would love to meet you! However, I understand that planning a wedding is hectic. We can chat via phone, Google Meet, or email to talk through the details, whatever you prefer.

Do you charge for travel in victoria?

My travel is included in your package, however the distance included varies across packages. Please see photography pricing for details and don’t hesitate to ask if you need further travel, interstate or international travel.

Can we get the raw files from the day?

As all raw files need colour correction and processing, they will not be provided. You will receive the files retouched in high-resolution JPEG which can be printed on a large scale and at high quality.

Do you need a photography capture list?

Yes, as every wedding is unique if there is something specific you would like on the day i will need to know. I will document your day and capture all the real moments. Your portrait session is also an opportunity to capture some stunning moments. However, a photography list is always welcome.

What is lifestyle photography?

My style of photography is described as natural, relaxed and elegant. In documenting your wedding and your family, I will never ask you to pose and you will hardly notice that I’m there!

What about the light?

I love working with natural light so if it is possible, we can shoot in the stunning golden light during sunset. However, if this is not possible or if the weather is not perfect, rest assured that I can capture the most beautiful images of your day in any light!

Do you watermark your photographs?

No, never. 

Do you offer Fine Art Prints & custom Photo Albums?

Yes. This depends on your package and on your needs. Please see your package information for details. If you would like fine art prints or personalised photo albums as an add on, please don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Do you travel, Australia/Overseas? What is the cost?

Yes, I am in France annually. The cost of travel depends on your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss this.

Do you photograph engagement parties?

Yes, we can discuss an engagement/wedding package or a one night only package. 

Do you need us to organise your dinner?

Yes, to perform at my peak as your photographer, I require a meal.

For any other questions that are not here, please get in touch with me, and I will be happy to answer them.