Amour In The Raspberry Patch

Emily & Matt

Venue ceremony/reception: Ravens Creek Berry Farm
Bridal gown designer: Spell Designs
Shoes: Django and Juliette
Flower crown: As Daisy Does
Hair & Make up: Studio2 Make up and Hair
Hummingbird cake: made by Emily the bride
Florist: As Daisy Does -bridal and ceremony flowers
Reception flowers :  Sandra Paulka -bride’s mother
Food trucks or carts: The Forge Pizzeria
Entertainment: Andy Forster (acoustic singer) and DJ from Geelong Entertainment


When it comes to finalizing a perfect wedding venue, the choices are endless and each one comes with its own set of options such as prices, look, feel, size, etc. Your choice of wedding venue will also designate the guest count, the wedding season, the wedding date, the vendors, wedding dress, and of course the style. That said, it is always a good idea to first weigh the pros and cons of different wedding venues prior to making your final decision. This will ensure that the venue you have selected will work best to suit your needs and imagination. Let us explore the option of a wedding on a farm – the risks and benefits.

Celebrating your wedding in an open farm setting seems like a lovely choice as this option is not only budget-friendly, it also offers you plenty of freedom to create a day that is truly memorable for you, your guests and your partner. However, like any other outdoor wedding venue, it is more likely that a wedding on a farm may fall short of perfection or you may face some setbacks before or during the ceremony. Let us examine the list of reasons supporting that a farm wedding is a good option and try to compare them equally compelling reasons not supporting the idea.

The Risks and Benefits

Let us first explore the benefits of having a wedding ceremony on a farm:

  • budget-friendly option
  • no advance booking
  • freedom to set  your wedding date
  • freedom to choose your own wedding style
  • plenty of catering options
  • freedom to invite as many guests as you like
  • freedom to decorate your wedding venue the way you like
  • often minimal decoration is required, as there is plenty of natural beauty available
  • plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photographs
  • true sense of comfort for you and your guests
  • plenty of fun and playing activities for children

Let us now have a look at some of the major risks associated with a farm wedding ceremony:

  • unpredictable weather
  • arranging restrooms for guests is always hectic and troublesome
  • adherence to strict noise ordinances
  • fulfilling the egal requirements to hold a farm wedding
  • access and parking restrictions
  • accommodation restrictions for guests and family members

While farm weddings do come with some risks factors, they are undoubtedly very delightful, memorable and gorgeous.  

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