A Chateau Wedding | An Aussie And A Kiwi In Biarritz


Leone & Nataniel

Venue: CHATEAU DE BRINDOS http://www.chateaudebrindos.com/
Flowers by BERRY https://berry-biarritz.com/
Dress + Veil by  ANGEOLA MARIAGE https://www.angeola-mariage.com/


When it comes to planning a piA Chateau Weddingcture-perfect, fairytale wedding, choosing the destination is just as important as choosing a wedding gown. Over the last couple of years, the trend of getting married abroad has become a popular endeavour among many Australian couples deciding to say “I do” in far-flung destinations such as France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and Switzerland. A destination wedding in France also referred to as chateau wedding offers both a beautiful and practical place to tie the knot. Let us see what makes chateau weddings so unique and how you can plan a perfect chateau wedding in France:

A Tranquil & Beautiful Setting | A Chateau Wedding


A French chateau wedding is surely the bucket list item, and perhaps not as unattainable as you might have initially thought. Surrounded by jaw-dropping beauty in the form of ornate staircases, sparkling lakes, lush green grounds, towering spires, and picturesque chapels, these fairytale chateaus guarantee a truly magical day for you and your guests.  

Great Wine


Whether you like a white, red, or rose wine, chateau weddings offer an endless supply of great wine to please all palates and tastes.

Great Food


Famous for being the world capital of gastronomy, a wedding in France means you will be able to serve your guests with the most delicious, delicate, and decorated specialties at a very affordable price. For your wedding cake, you can always reach a local bakery and surprise your guests with an exquisite cake and delicious pastries.

Picture-perfect Landscape | A Chateau Wedding


A chateau wedding in France means your wedding photographer will have plenty of opportunities to capture unforgettable wedding memories for you and your guests. Towering mountains, lushly verdant hills, contrasting crashing surf, and rushing rivers offer a perfect backdrop to take those breathtaking wedding pictures.

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