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What Makes For Good Family Photos
Family Photography Melbourne

Family is an important part of everyone’s life. In fact, you could say that without family there is no meaning in life. From close family cousins to brothers and sisters, and from parents to grandparents, a typical family comprises of many characters, each playing their role to make life more beautiful and joyful. With the passage of time, old family members pass away, leaving behind their memories and new ones are welcomed into the family. In order to ensure that all those precious moments that you have spent with the ones who have passed away and all those smiles and laughter you are going to share with the new family members remain with you and your family for the rest of your life, you need to take family photos. Family photos not only trigger priceless memories, they also help strengthen family bonds and contribute to one’s sense of identity. However, taking family photos is not as simple as picking up a camera or mobile phone and saying ‘cheese. There are tons of intricacies involved in taking priceless family portraits. Here are some simple yet important tips to show you how to take good family photos:

Plan In Advance

From wardrobe selection to choosing a perfect location, you need to make sure to plan your family photo session way in advance. Make sure that all members of your family are onboard and in complete agreement with your plans. You don’t want to make any member uncomfortable, this is critical for the successful outcome of your family photos.

Select The Right Photographer

Without the right photographer and appropriate gear, you can’t expect quality family portraits from your photo session. Depending on your budget, personal preferences we can tailor a package to your needs.

Make It Fun

Instead of wasting all your energy and resource on getting that perfect shot, focus more about the moment. Keep in mind, you just need to capture the time you and your family have spent together.  So, relax and have fun while we take your family portraits.

Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

Again, keep in mind a perfect family photo may not necessarily be the one you have envisioned – perfect backdrop, natural expressions, right light, everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes, the best family photos are the ones that are the most ridiculous. So, instead of putting pressure on your family and yourself, make everyone feel comfortable, this will make the shoot much easier and you will be surprised with the final outcomes.

Improvise | Family Photography Melbourne

Taking family photos is not as organised and planned as taking wedding pictures; this is especially true for families with plenty of kids. Improvisation is the key to taking good family photos.

There you have it: some handy tips on how to take good family photos. Keep in mind, the key to taking good family portraits is to keep everyone engaged and involved, be relaxed and open, plan ahead of time, and above all, have fun.

Photographiez Votre Histoire
Family Photography Melbourne