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“Looking back on my family photography portfolio brings me so much joy. I feel very privileged to be part of such an intimate moment in people’s lives. As a photographer and a mother myself, I realise the importance of capturing these fleeting moments. Family photographs of your loved ones will be treasured for generations to come” – Steph xo –

Family Photography is the broadest catalogue of work by Photographiez Votre Histoire. Your portrait session may be a mother-to-be during pregnancy through the many stages of a family’s growth to group portraiture of the family unit. Let’s explore.

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Family Photography

Our modern family unit is very diverse. From the immediate family unit and family pets, through blended and extended families, we can see different cultures and generations come together creating opportunities for the imagination. When selecting a venue, scene, or storyline for your family photography, we can keep to the traditional posed portraits or use an opportunity when the family is enjoying a celebration or out and about on an adventure, playing in the park, letting life set the scene.

Pregnancy, the mother to be

A time to celebrate nature and the miracle of the female form during pregnancy. For some mothers-to-be, having their pregnancy documented in photographs, is the natural start to their family album. An intimate time, photographs are taken with the greatest respect. Using natural light to emphasise creativity, your pregnancy photographs will remain some of your most guarded treasures.

Newborns and Babies

Newborn photography is usually scheduled within the first couple of weeks after birth. To be sure you are not disappointed, please check availability with Steph, and make a booking.

For newborns and babies’ photography, Steph recommends its best to stay at home. The familiar surroundings, as well as the opportunity to keep to the baby’s routine intact, offer comfort, confidence, and allow for a more relaxed mother and child. This resulting in the most wonderful of photos for your family photography album. 

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Toddlers and Kids

These photoshoots can be such fun. Candid family photography of your toddlers and kids can be adventurous. Display toddlers’ personalities. Share kids’ hobbies. From the home to the birthday party, playground antics, or sports and hobbies, all are venues of photo setups to be considered. There are no limits to the imagination or opportunities to capture your toddlers or kids at their most natural selves.



Photographic portraits can be of any member of the family, even your family pet. From any generation, your special family member will be celebrated with honesty to their character.
Bookings can be for several family members, often families like to capture each person individually as well as a group.

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