I was thrilled when Sam and Dom invited me to photograph their love story. They welcomed me into their lives to document not only their romantic city wedding but all of their fabulous pre-wedding celebrations!! Keep your eyes peeled as I will be blogging Sam’s gorgeous engagement shoot and her bridal lunch featuring champagne, laughs and a seriously yummy high tea! I don’t think you could get a more genuine love. And did I mention Sam’s beautiful smile is incredibly contagious?! Thank you for having me along for the ride guys, you are both amazing humans! Below i start with some highlights before the entire day.

*** highlights ***


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Samantha & Domenic
Gown – Jane Hill Bridal
Accesories – Chanel
Hair – Gabrielle Roccuzzo
Makeup – Victoria Filipovski
Reception Venue – Leonda By The Yarra
Flowers – Ambrosia Floral Designs
Cake – Sweetbakes


Weddings are all about romance. Your big commitment and your small gestures, your first look and your first dance, all add up to create an atmosphere of romance in your wedding day. In order to keep the romance alive, you need to make sure that the wedding theme, wedding menu, wedding decorations, wedding dress, and wedding style you have selected complement each other. Delicate lighting, plenty of floral, and soft hues typically make up a romantic city wedding.

Here are some tips from the industry experts to help you uplift and maintain the romance factor on your wedding day:

Select the Right Time of the Day | A Romantic City Wedding

The key to a romantic city wedding is the selection of the right time of the day, the setting, and the little extras that create that romantic feeling. In order to achieve that romantic feel, you may have to “break some rules” and instead of reserving the nighttime for receptions and after parties, you can have your ceremony when the sun is down and the moon and stars are twinkling above your head.

Nighttime will also allow you to get some help from artificial lights or candles and transform the feeling of your wedding instantly. Make sure to inform your wedding photographer about your romantic city wedding plans so he/she comes equipped with the right gear to capture those romantic moments.

Romantic Floral Arrangements

If you want your wedding to look and feel romantic, you need to also make it smell romantic and you can do so by adding different romantic floral arrangements. Smell is perhaps the most powerful sense for evoking emotions, but it is often overlooked. Talk to your event manager to come up with a romantic floral arrangement that will not only intrigue your wedding guests, it will also create that fairytale atmosphere.

Ambient Music

Off course you can always play some romantic tracks at the backdrop to set the tone and feel for your day. You can use your personal romantic song collection for your first dance, cocktail hour, and vows-exchanging ceremony before your guests get ready to hit the dance floor for some booty shaking action.

A Romantic Feast

Last but not the least, the choice of food your serve in your wedding and the table decoration you use, will help in creating that romantic atmosphere at your wedding.

These are just a few tips to help you plan a romantic city wedding; of course you can always add more items during or after the ceremony to add more romance and glamour to it.