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Gown – Madebyzoi

Suit – Oscar Hunt

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Alternative wedding is all about you; your personal preferences about the theme, style, decoration, music, dress, catering, photography, and everything else about the wedding. When you incorporate the rustic elements of a typical country life, such as timber, metal, flowers, natural scenery, home-style cooking, and traditional wedding dresses, you get what is referred to as a rustic alternative wedding. If you fancy such a wedding theme that truly reflects you and feels different, go on to read the following lines on planning a rustic alternative wedding.

Choose Your Rustic Alternative Wedding Venue


The first step in planning your rustic alternative wedding is to choose a perfect venue that truly reflects you, your ideas, your aspirations, and your dreams. Instead of settling for the more conventional or typical wedding venues, you need to think outside the box and envision your own wedding venue. Whether you envisioned an outdoor venue or an indoor one, whether it is simple or complex, whether it is readily available or a bit challenging to book, just make sure that the rustic alternative wedding venue your choose reflects both your style and your personality.

Choose Your Rustic Alternative Wedding Theme Colors



While planning a rustic alternative wedding, it is equally important to choose a theme that matches the wedding venue and is also aligned with your imagination. You need to have a set wedding theme in mind before you pick your decor, flowers, dresses, and other details. Most often, two earthy colors such as greens and browns and one neutral color such as grey, tan or white are considered best for a rustic alternative wedding theme. With the wedding venue and wedding color theme selected, it is now time to move on to your rustic wedding decor ideas.

Choose Your Rustic Alternative Wedding Decor


From flowers to Tablescapes and Centerpieces, you need to make sure to select the entire wedding decor that truly reflects you and your idea about your dream wedding. Instead of choosing the traditional bouquet of roses, you are better of selecting flower arrangements that are earthy, natural, and a bit wild. For rustic alternative centerpieces for your wedding tables, you can choose items that incorporate grass, dirt, or moss. You can use matching color laces, burlap, or leaves as Tablescape on your wedding tables.

Planning a rustic alternative wedding is never an easy task; however, by following these simple tips, you can surely make your rustic alternative wedding dream a reality.