Second Wedding Photographer? When to consider a Second Wedding Photographer

When to consider a second wedding photographer, is not often something that a bride and groom think about. While planning your wedding, it can be worth considering to bring in a second wedding photographer in order to get more coverage of the day. This is particularly relevant when you are planning a larger wedding.bridesmaids jumping on a bed

You will likely want your wedding photography, to cover many aspects of your day. Steph is a master of being able to seamlessly flow through the day capturing so many of the candid memories. However, if your budget has the room, think about the difference a second wedding photographer could bring to your wedding album as well as help to fill in the gaps of the day that would be impossible to capture for yourself. An even more comprehensive photographic record of all aspects of your special day. Further, having a second wedding photographer to help capture the wedding party allows for some buffer time. If things are running a little behind schedule, two photographers can adjust and accommodate, helping to alleviate any stress while timelines and schedules are adjusted.Groomsmens with glasses on their handscheering

With a second wedding photographer, the expanded coverage will afford;

Photo’s of both the bride and groom getting ready at different locations


With a second wedding photographer, each can follow the bride or groom through their arrival at the ceremony.


Capture the early arrival of guests.

Covering multiple angles during the ceremony.bride and groom at the church

Two sets of eyes roving for and snapping those special moments of yourselves, the wedding party and your guests throughout the celebrations.

There are so many advantages.

Budget is often the major consideration for many¬†wedding parties to consider when contemplating bringing in a second wedding photographer. Surprisingly, the additional cost is relatively minor when compared to the roundness which the additional coverage will add to your photographic memoir of the day. You can see Steph’s price list. For pricing when she brings a second wedding photographer, please contact her directly.bride and groom at the church kissing

A wedding day is a big day, a long day for all involved with the wedding party. From an early start photographing the bride/groom getting ready, throughout the ceremony, and portrait photographs and then into the party itself along with its formalities. We must remember to also consider the photographer themselves. While Steph is extremely experienced at working the hours and doing a fabulous job of roving to capture as much as possible, she will still need to take necessary breaks. When the wedding is larger, the additional photographer will ensure that the celebrations are still being well covered.


By Nicola Hazzell