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Eco Mother’s Day 2023

couple with their baby at merry creek

Happy Day to all the amazing mums!  This year I’d like us to celebrate Mother’s Day with an eco touch and thoughtfulness to our beautiful mother earth. My Eco Mother’s Day. As a single mum living in Coburg with a family who lives in France, being with my mum is not something very much possible. […]

The Eco Friendly Honeymoon

groom and bride by night with her

After your have followed a Green Eco Friendly engagement and planned your wedding with sustainability as your focus, its time to take that much deserved Eco Friendly Honeymoon. Following what has likely been months of stress with the planning and execution of your engagement and wedding celebrations comes the much anticipated honeymoon. Of course, you […]

The Power of Spring

girl and flower

Spring into Life   As we all enjoy the Power of Spring, we are enlivened as we watch the world around us Spring into Life. The change of season, shifting from the the barrenness of winter into the joy and colour of spring brings with it a shift in our mood, our lust for life, […]

Green Eco-Friendly Weddings – Planning your Day

bride and groom walking in the raspberry farm in melbourne

Many of us are looking to improve our own carbon footprint, its therefore not surprising, planning your day to be a green eco-friendly wedding can be a very self-rewarding as well as good for the planet. Once you have settled on a green eco-friendly wedding, there is much to consider when planning your day.There are […]

Fathers Day

dad and son

This week we celebrate Fathers Day. Let’s take a peek into the modern dad and how our celebrations of fatherhood and dad’s parenting practices have modernised. NOT JUST SOX AND JOX In the past, Father’s Day was celebrated with the giving a simple gifts, like sox, jox, a special bottle to tipple and for some […]

Green Eco-Friendly Weddings – It starts with the Engagement

girls celebrating

Green Eco-Friendly Weddings are trending and are continuing to gain in popularity. This means more and more vendors associated with the wedding industry are offering services with a sustainable purpose. To create green eco-friendly weddings – it starts with the engagement. The green mindset is no longer only the mindset of the hippies of the […]

National Breastfeeding Week 2022 – Respecting a Mother’s Choice

This week is National Breastfeeding Week, once again we focus this week on the wonderful benefits to health for babies who are successfully breastfed. However, it’s not always so simple for new mum’s. Not all mum’s, despite going into pregnancy wanting and expecting to breastfeed, are blessed with the experience. We spoke with Brietta, a […]

Autumn Weddings

The newlywed couple embraced in a romantic kiss as the sun set in the background.

Autumn weddings have often fallen to the more popular choices of Spring and Summer, when actually, Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to plan a wedding in Melbourne. Why to consider an Autumn wedding? Colour – Autumn Light – Autumn Tones Melbourne and Victoria offers many advantages to consider when planning for your […]

Autumn Light – Family Photography

Family Photography – Making the most of Autumn Light Natural lighting in photography has always given strong inspiration and creativity. Autumn light, with the sun so warm, and sitting low in the sky, the long shadows, the crystal effect from water droplets dancing across this light are some of the characteristics of this time of […]

Celebrating weddings in 2022

portrait of a bride and groom kissing

Every bride deserves a perfect wedding. As we emerge from the past two years of lockdowns and restrictions, celebrating weddings in 2022, we look forward to the prospect of planning weddings with the knowledge we can be assured we won’t need to cancel or postpone. The global halt to the traditional wedding from March 2020 […]