Autumn Weddings

Autumn weddings have often fallen to the more popular choices of Spring and Summer, when actually, Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to plan a wedding in Melbourne.

Why to consider an Autumn wedding?

Colour – Autumn Light – Autumn Tones

Melbourne and Victoria offers many advantages to consider when planning for your Autumn weddings. The striking colours of Autumn offer warmth, are welcoming and nurturing, all qualities to welcome into your special day. Comfort is found in the warmth of the natural autumn tones as well as the low in the sky sunlight. The sun is still warm and glistens with this warmth on the colourful autumn foliage. These are all characteristic to create a most stunning autumn wedding photo album.

The Weather – Climate offers comfort

The temperature in Melbourne during the Autumn months, March April and May, sits at a perfect temperature range. Typically sitting in the low to mid 20 degrees celcius. While many do opt for spring/summer for their wedding in the hope of a sunshine guarantee, the temperatures during this time of the year are often in the 30’s and on some rare days in the 40’s, making it uncomfortable for the wedding party and guests alike.

When you select an Autumn date, you can likely expect a warm, dry day with a touch of sunshine with a possible chillier evening. A choice that provides a comfortable for yourselves, family and friends.

Bring the Natural to your wedding

The earthiness and natural tones of nature showcase themselves in Autumn. Layer these natural tones into your decor with a touch of rich jewel tones to highlight.

Autumn brings its own selection of foliage, leaves and flowers. Melbourne is the home of many picturesque autumn leaves within its parklands, streetscapes, countryside and even backyards. Work with your florist to embrace these in your bouquet and venue decor.

More are available to attend

When having an Autumn weddings, you are likely to have more people able to come on the day. It is less likely your guests will have holiday plans as they have already had their time off during the festive season and summer, your date will also fall before the snow skiing season, ensuring your guest who are winter sports fans are also available to attend.

Good luck with your wedding planning, any inquiries, contact direct.

Written by Nicola Hazzell