Autumn Light – Family Photography

Family Photography – Making the most of Autumn Light

Natural lighting in photography has always given strong inspiration and creativity. Autumn light, with the sun so warm, and sitting low in the sky, the long shadows, the crystal effect from water droplets dancing across this light are some of the characteristics of this time of year. Steph will dearly captures and incorporate into your photographs.

There’s no doubt, Autumn offers its own special lighting signature, whether you are seeking family or  wedding photography.

Capturing individuals personalities

The key to successful family photography is to have all the participants relaxed and engaged in activity.

Encouraging kids into child play before the session commences, offers opportunity to slip behind the lens when they are engaged in their natural behaviours of play, explorer, dancer, artist, performer, blending their creativity and true selves into the photography.

This principal can apply to any generation included in the family photo-session. Certainly the concept of play may change, it’s all about finding the connection to best encourage an environment where all participants can find their natural behaviours and expose each person’s unique personality. In turn, offering endless scope to capture interactions. Those little moments which exhibit the love and unique bonds exposed, just in fleeting.

It’s these fleeting moments, exposed for a fraction of a second, captured by the lens produces images that the whole family will love in the moment and for years to follow.

It has been my experience, most family photography sessions are taken outdoors. My  Family Photoshoot Outdoors will offer more insight into this concept.

Why Autumn Light?

Each season, the lighting unique to that time of year offers its own special dynamic. There is no right or wrong, better or worse, there is what is right for you.

Autumn light offers a warm sun sitting low in the sky confirming the warm tone to the images, streaking its way through clouds, tree branches, rain drops, long shadows and gentle back lighting to isolate subjects. All elements we can be capitalised upon to create beautiful photo’s of beautiful memories.

By Nicola Hazzell