Celebrating weddings in 2022

Every bride deserves a perfect wedding. As we emerge from the past two years of lockdowns and restrictions, celebrating weddings in 2022, we look forward to the prospect of planning weddings with the knowledge we can be assured we won’t need to cancel or postpone.

The global halt to the traditional wedding from March 2020 has left many couples reassessing their priorities, creating some predictable trends as well as inventive ideas for celebrating weddings in 2022.

Looking forward to celebrating your big day in 2022, here are some trend predictions.


Trends are all about the Personal Touch –  bride and groom at the sunset


 Smaller Macro Weddings

Such weddings are special and intimate, inviting small numbers of your closest family and friends. The past two years have seen us reduce our social lives and engagements with a vast portion of our social groups, therefore our bonds with our inner circles have become even stronger.


Outdoor Weddings

Our time in lockdown and the eventual slow opening with various diminishing levels of restrictions have encouraged us to think more about outdoor weddings. Whether it’s a private garden or public, both offering a charming garden setting or an idyllic beach location, taking your wedding beyond the confines of a venue can allow you to fully customise your décor and length of your guest list. Celebrating your wedding in 2022 outdoors can provide the freedom to open your guest list to large numbers or select a location of great intimacy for small special group of invitees and if you are concerned about the weather, marquees are an easy solution.


We have discussed micro weddings in the past, for more on these topics, see our blog; MELBOURNE MICRO WEDDING-BACKYARD WEDDING

bride walking with her dad  at ceremony


It’s About Quality, not Quantity.

With smaller numbers of invitees being more common for celebrating weddings in 2022, we are appreciating the smaller circles of life and saving money by inviting only the closest family and friends. These savings can be channelled into other aspects of the wedding like catering and décor.


Glorious Food Ideas.

Keeping to the theme when celebrating weddings in 2022 in a non-traditional way, food can offer many ways to be inventive. We are thinking food stations, pizza ovens, food trucks, coffee carts, cocktail carts, Melbourne’s food scene can provide limitless opportunities.


 Customise your Décor

Personalise your wedding with a unique colour theme. A pop of something bold in colour is following through from high street fashion into wedding trends for 2022.

Adopt a glamping mind set. Bring the indoors outdoors by adding Chandeliers, soft couches, and furnishings and even drapes. These too can be offered at your indoor setting rather than traditional set tables.


Streaming your Weddingbride and groom with a phone on their hand

Use the digital era and social streaming to reach extended family and friends in real time. All ages and generations have become familiar with live streaming thanks to movement and contact restrictions as well as work and study from home requirements in lockdown. Consider a live stream, it’s a great way to reach those overseas and guests generally, who are unable to attend. It’s a great way to ensure all are invited. Speak to Steph about live streaming your wedding celebration this year.


A few last words


Wedding favours. Extravagant wedding favours are running out and simple edibles are in. Selecting not to spend money on extravagant wedding favours which are never used and often left behind on the tables at clean up can free up funds to enhance other aspects of how you are celebrating your wedding in 2022.bride and groom wearing a covid mask


Honeymoon Local. Travel is still limited in flights and destinations. Consider a local honeymoon supporting our local communities to recover from the past two years trading difficulties.


Shop Local. In the interests of supporting our local businesses and communities recover, seek to support small local businesses where possible when planning how you’ll be celebrating your wedding in 2022.


By Nicola Hazzell