Photographing Newborns at Home – Keeping it Natural

Photographing newborns at home provides ease to create the most beautiful photographs.

When photographing newborns at home, we can capture those precious and fleeting moments of beauty of the first weeks in an authentic way.

“It is a very beautiful time that deserves to be photographed. Creating photographs that will be treasured for generations to come.” – Steph

To create a successful portrait session for newborns, there is no better environment than within the home. Here both the baby and mother are relaxed and at ease. Whether in the living room, parent’s room, or nursery, all may provide the ideal opportunity to capture images of your most intimate memories. It will feel good for your newborn if the chosen environment and is familiar and homey.

Often, the most rewarding images are the result of natural light photography. To maximise this opportunity, where possible, it’s good for the mother with her newborn to be positioned by a window. As well, a selection of areas around the home where you take care of your baby. This will add to the overall experience and likely more beautiful photos to fulfil your baby album. These places may include; where you care for or feed your baby, like the bed, sofa, change table or even a rug on the floor. It is a good idea to have considered these places within your home before the day of the shoot.

For photographing newborns at home, there is no need for big preparations in the home. It is best to stay true to yourselves to capture what is real and natural. A newborns mum’s priority is the care and settling of the newborn at home. Nesting. Learning your baby’s needs, developing a routine.

“There is no need to panic if the home is a bit messy or not perfect. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! We can simply move any mess aside to create a nice shot without having to clean the house from top to toe” –Steph

By coming to your home, Steph creates a different style from the ‘posed’ studio-type shoots. Further, photographing your newborns at home means they are not being moved from their comfort zone. Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, your baby sleeping or awake in your arms or even unsettled, Steph will capture all the love and care, making sure you have memories to cherish for life. What matters most is to portray the love between mother and newborn. This is not necessarily created by pre-planned poses.

“I do not like forcing the moment and take a gentler approach. I like to move around and go with the flow when shooting so feel free to incorporate the whole family, even pets.”-Steph

Most commonly, people are unsure when is the best time for photographing a newborn. Typically, most recommend within the first two weeks following birth. However, this is not a firm rule. Having a newborn can be challenging and accepting your circumstances, it’s ok to wait a little while longer.

For those wanting to book a session to photograph your newborn, it’s best to make the booking while you are pregnant to ensure Steph is available and you are not disappointed. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steph directly.

By Nicola Hazzell