The Eco Friendly Honeymoon

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After your have followed a Green Eco Friendly engagement and planned your wedding with sustainability as your focus, its time to take that much deserved Eco Friendly Honeymoon.

Following what has likely been months of stress with the planning and execution of your engagement and wedding celebrations comes the much anticipated honeymoon. Of course, you are going to want to continue with your green eco-friendly commitment when selecting and planning your honeymoon destination.

There continues to be worldwide expansion in sustainability in the hospitality industry. Many top shelf accommodations popular for honeymoon destinations follow sustainable practises in everything from recycling, water reuse, conserving energy as well as partnering with local charities and conservation groups. Support is given to beach cleanups, restaurants are creating menus that source from local growers and follow seafood sustainability efforts. In other instances, activity fees such as marine dives or entrance to national parks and walking trails, all go to the preservation and maintenance of the area and its wildlife.

You may be wondering where to start planning your eco friendly honeymoon. There are dedicated websites to help. Eco-friendly travel and tourism is growing in popularity, The Centre for Responsible Travel is good place to start your research. This organisation can offer incite into different models of tourism, climate change, land use, water preservation are just some of the causes they champion.

Another sustainably enlightened site is Kind Traveller. While a bookings platform, they do more than travel giving back to local community when you book kind hotels. They offer a growing portfolio of over 140 hotels across 22 destinations.

Across the globe, Kind Traveller offer a sustainable eco-friendly honeymoon to take you to resorts and hotels in the Asia Pacific and Indian Oceans; Maldives, Seychelles, Vietnam, Thailand. Should Europe be your dream; France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Portugal. Or if the Americas are calling you, across the USA, sustainable tourism can be found across the Northwest in Montana, the West coast offers Monterey, Lake Tahoe, the Napa Valley, Newport as well as cities, Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Other sought out destinations across the States are; Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Washington DC, Boston and Connecticut and of Course NYC. In the south Florida and into Latin America, Santiago, Costa Rica the Caribbean and Mexico.

Have we wet your appetite? It all sounds so tempting and exciting. Better still, all of these options and so many more are available when planning your green eco-friendly honeymoon…..Bon Voyage!

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Written by Nicola Hazzell